Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"This effing job can't help him, so I quit YA'LL WELCOME!"

"Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers/That's a different world like Cree Summers/I deserve to do these numbers!"

"Loss my momma, loss my MIND!"

"Where I wanna go, where I wanna be? Life is much more than runnin' in the streets"

"Should've finished school like my niece, then I probably wouldn't use my piece"

"I won't be taking no days off, till my spaceship takes off"

If you don't like this song you are CRAZY! In hindsight I have gained a new appreciation for GLC's verse. I'm glad they finally put this video out there because it was one of the best songs on College Dropout.


Rah said...

you know i had to rewind it to the 3:33 mark a couple times lol but yes one of the best songs on College Dropout. Yeezy announced he going back to rap on the next album as well!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ rewind to 3:33 mark. I feel you though.

T.C. said...

this is definitely one of the BEST songs on that album...truly appreciate this!!!