Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amid all the Baby Hype, Here's a Reminder That Beyonce Probably Just Made $5 Million

Well, as long as the baby's born she'll make 5 million.

For those of you that forgot about the pre-nup Jay-Z and Beyonce signed, here's some of the most notable items:
  • Jay-Z pays Beyonce $10 million if the marriage ends after two years, and $1 million a year for each further year she remains in the marriage, up to fifteen years.
  • He promised to pay her an additional $5 million for each child she bears for him-for her loss of income during pregnancy and child-rearing years.
  • Beyonce would be granted access to their private jet and a fleet of cars, which includes a $1 million 1959 Rolls Royce convertible
(Source: ATLNightspots.com)

Of course there's probably other minutiae in there we will never know about (and shouldn't, they should have some privacy) but with Beyonce's announcement on Sunday that she's pregnant, I'd just like to point out that not only is she pregnant but $5 million dollars richer. For a woman that wants to have kids, that's a hell of a deal.

Congrats to Jay-Z and Beyonce on the baby and I can't wait to hear the estimates of how much these magazines will offer them for the first pictures of the baby. I'm sure those numbers will be astronomical.

Sidebar: This makes that "you got baby money" line that Jay threw at Birdman just a little more hilarious. Baby doesn't have a billie but he might have $5 million ("baby money"). And "ni99as ain't got my lady money" is even funnier when you think that Beyonce is gonna make $5 million when the baby's born and it's $5 million from Jay himself. More on that little "tiff" (lol) between Jay, Birdman, and Lil Wayne here....


T.C. said...

and all the fed gobment will promise is that you can keep your job for 12 weeks after that, its up to each individual sup...so if you aren't liked you are short! oh and you have to get short term disability too to make sure you get paid while off...smh...i need that type of plan!

M.C. said...

Michael, you are in timeout for this post!

You just had to bring up the pre-nup! That is a technicality. Not to mention. Beyonce has made $80M+ for the past 3 years, which is more than her hubby. That's really what that "lady money" line is about.

I'll just wish them well, and not talk about the "what if" documents.

Anonymous said...

@TC: You completely lost me.

@MC: I guess you think I really pay attention to that timeout shyt, lol. I only brought up the pre-nup because it's relevant. If I got $5 million for having a baby it'd be relevant to me, that's for sure. But unfortunately I'm not Beyonce. But as for your comment that it's a technicality, ok sure. Whatever you want to call it, it's a FACT. Regardless of how much money either of them has made she's making money off the baby whether it was her idea, his idea, or their idea. I'm not knocking it nor am I inferring that she got pregnant to make money, I'm just stating a fact. I made it abundantly clear at the end of the post that I wish them the best so I think you may have misinterpreted my tone. And of course I know exactly what the baby money line is about I was just saying at the end of the post that now there are other more humorous ways one could interpret it in jest.

RipRock81 said...

DUDE! You are really on timeout now. "But unfortunately I'm not Beyonce"??? Your Jigga Stanship has been upgraded to astronomical levels at this point. LOL.

@TC - I know what you mean, I have a lot of co-workers that are preg and will likely take some Time w/o Pay during their maternity leave.

Beyonce has a sweet deal, too bad Nas wasn't smart enough to come up with a PreNup. Now he got 2 baby momma's takin his money and spending it with rappers and ball players...

j.a.j. said...

I think T.C. is talking about the horrible maternity benefits in the government.

I was stunned by the pre-nup $$$ promises tho. They are some business-minded people if I ever saw one.

Anonymous said...

@Lance: I don't understand why .... actually hold up. FAcebook/InterWeb Man Law.. No man can tell another man he is in effing time-out. SHEESH! Moving on, I think you're interpreting the I'm not Beyonce line a little too deeply or just plain wrong. I was saying that to mean that I don't have someone to pay me 5 milli for getting them pregnant. Context man, lol. Stop trying to play me, you know I didn't mean that to say I wish I was Jay-Z's wife foolio! On another note, thank you for helping me understand what TC meant, I was lost in the sauce (no kids and I don't work fo' da gubment).

I will leave the Nas comment alone and just say that you are definitely right, Beyonce got a sweet deal. Not that she couldn't find some way to financially manage raising a child on her own, lol.

Anonymous said...

@JAJ (no more JAC, lol): I honestly thought the pre-nup was indicative of the fact that when you have as much money and fame and earning potential as they both did when they married, it ends up being just as much a business agreement as a matrimony. But this was a bit extra in terms of the fringe benefit style pre-nup Beyonce got. It's one of the only things I've seen Jay do that makes him seem vulnerable. Dude basically said I'll give you money to have my babies and to stay with me ($1M per year for the first 15 years and $5M for each child). If there's one part of Jay's life where he should feel vulnerable it's probably with regard to his love for Beyonce so I am not mad at the pre-nup at all, I just think it was a bit excessive and Beyonce appears to have gotten the most out of the agreement. If they had a pre-nup that just said they both take what they came with and split the rest that they earned (individually) while together then that would have been just as fine, lol. But I guess that could get complicated so this may have actually been the easier route, who know other than those two?