Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From what I'm told, there was an Earthquake on the East Coast yesterday

I say that sarcastically because well, I didn't actually feel the thing! They evacuated my office. People were standing outside shaken-up and shocked a bit. They said my floor (the 6th) was shaking and someone yelled out for everyone to get out of the building after the shaking stopped. But me, I was busy lolly-gagging my way back from lunch with one of my co-workers and he and I were evidently walking up the street as this earthquake was taking place, AND DIDN'T FEEL A THING!

I feel short-changed in a sense, lol. Maybe this is selfish and silly but I could have scratched "survive an earthquake" off my bucket list. I've already walked to work through a hurricane by mistake (I was a freshman in college, don't ask) so that's one down. Next up would have been an earthquake and a monsoon (tsunami is NOT on the list). I survived TWO (east coast) blizzards in my lifetime and those were actually pretty fun. But I missed my opportunity to ride-out an earthquake. I'm glad no one got hurt but I'd have liked to been a part of the thrill ride that shook both of my job's buildings yesterday too, lol.

Sizable earthquakes don't happen in Maryland very often (if at all) and though we don't have to be the epicenter to feel an earthquake, sizable earthquakes don't happen on the east coast that much either.

Naturally, the TwitterNets and Facebook went crazy with people joking about it, people being overly dramatic about it, and some people seemed genuinely worried. From jokes about the "devastation" (as joked about in the picture on the right) to how Will Smith and Jada Pinkett's alleged separation caused the quake to people's sexual prowess causing the earth to shake (the last one being pretty cliché, lol).

Meanwhile, all I could do was laugh (after I found out that my family was actually ok) and feel like I missed out.

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