Monday, August 29, 2011

5 Reasons why Jay-Z Should & Should Not Respond to Lil Wayne

Welllllll, I guess we won't be seeing this anytime soon, lol

When Wayne's latest album (The Carter IV) leaked, it was quickly plastered all over the InterWeb that Wayne took a shot at Jay-Z on the song, "It's Good" (which is one of my favorite songs on the album). In the song, Wayne responded to a jab that Jay-Z took on "H.A.M." about Baby (wayne's "Daddy"/boss, smh) not having a billion dollars and rappers in general not having the money that Beyonce's has. On that song, Wayne responded by saying:
"Talk about baby money, I got your baby money.
Kidnap your b!tch keep that that how much you love your lady money
I know you fake nigga, press your brakes nigga.
I’ll take you out, that’s a date nigga.
I’m a grown ass blood, stop playing with me."
So apparently, Wayne is so upset that he's considering kidnapping Beyonce. Negro please! Fake threats aside, I took some time to consider why Jay-Z would respond to this diss and why he wouldn't. My thoughts are below.

5 Reasons Why He SHOULD NOT:

This is the easy part, lol.

Five: The Carter IV doesn't need any more free promotion

The Carter IV isn't all that (to me). About 5-7 good songs on there but it doesn't really need any more free promotion, especially not from someone whose opinion tends to mean a lot to the hip-hop fanbase.

Four: Watch the Throne is better than the Carter IV

If we let the works of music speak for themselves and ask the rappers to stop dissin, Watch the Throne impresses more than the Carter IV. No need for Jay to respond (though I assume he will on his own time via a song, probably on the next solo release much like he did to Beanie Sigel on "Why I Love You" off Watch the Throne) when his most recent release is the better of the two.

Three: Like my boy Laf said, when you take shots at someone that's really your idol (re: GAME), it shouldn't count

When it boils down to it all these young, talented, and confident rappers want to be like Jay-Z. Whether it's the fame, the money, the lady he has, or just plain ole' success at your craft, these younger rappers would be stupid not to want to be like Jay-Z in one of those ways. It's not a secret that Wayne looked-up to Jay-Z and so much so that he worked with Jay-Z on the Carter III. So taking shots at the throne might not mean much when you presumably had to convince him to do a song with you on your last album, lol.

Two: Wayne is a good rapper

Lil Wayne is not shabby by any means on the mic. Jay-Z would have reason to be a little nervous about battling Wayne. Not nervous like it's Eminem or anything but yet-and-still, just a little nervous. Wayne's proven that he's very adept at dropping solid punchlines and coming up with various other types of slick lyrics. I'm sure he'd rise to the challenge of Jay-Z and step his game up. He's got a lot more to gain from a battle than Jay-Z does. Which leads me to my number one reason...

One: For Jay, there's more risk than reward

There's a lot of risk involved here for Jay-Z. Fans have been wanting this for a minute now and I'm sure Jay-Z is aware of that. He's also smart enough to know that if he battles Wayne and is perceived to have lost, it will hurt him MUCH MORE than it would hurt Wayne if he lost. Besides, even if Jay-Z "wins" (winning/losing seems blurry sometimes), Wayne's gonna have his stans in tow regardless. So why take the risk of a "battle" if you're Jay. Respond once on your own terms and time and leave it there. Jay-Z is NOT gonna respond now and boost Wayne's album sales.

Honorable Mention: Beyonce is pregnant

Who cares about Lil Wayne when your wife is pregnant with your first child? Seriously.

5 Reasons Why He SHOULD:

Five: Because hip-hop is about competition and Jay-Z is supposed to be the best

With being the best and proclaiming the throne comes shots from any-and-everywhere and you've gotta defend the crown. On a basic level, Jay should want to defend himself. But we all know Jay-Z is more strategic than reactionary so he'll probably play chess and not checkers.

Four: This is what hip-hop needs

Jay-Z likes to talk about how hip-hop needs "events" yada-yada-yada. Watch the Throne was an "event" in a sense and this would be an even bigger event I would imagine. Wayne vs Jay-Z or Jay-Z vs Wayne, people, fans, and stans (on both sides) would love to see it. It'd be the most anticipated generational hip-hop battle since Nelly vs KRS-ONE (ha!)

Three: Didn't Jay-Z give Wayne the throne on the Carter III?

Last time I checked, on the Carter III, Jay gave Wayne a HUGE big-up when he said:
I'm right here in my chair (my chair)/With my crown and my dear
Queen B as I share mic time/With my heir/
Young Carter
If I were Jay-Z I might feel like Wayne is being just a little bit disrespectful now by throwing a shot his way.

Two: Jay-Z was right!!!

Wayne's upset because Jay dissed baby with the "you got Baby" money line and said that other rappers don't have his lady's money. Well, he's right lol. Baby doesn't NOT have a "billie" and most rappers don't even have HALF of Beyonce's money, lol. Not that it really matters at all but it's true. Wayne and Baby can probably compete with Beyonce more than other rappers and more than Jay would admit but still, the line is probably more true than false. And for the biggest reason Jay-Z should respond I give you this...

One: This!!!!!!!!!

The worst part about this picture in my opinion is that Wayne turned his head to the side. That's the most gay part about this whole thing. And from last night's MTV VMAs... Wayne's getting really colorful and eccentric with the wardrobe I see.


T.C. said...

CLASSIC my dude! i personally hope he goes with NOT responding and letting the fact that his album is better and even his unborn child out shinned wayne at the VMAs...i know that and i didn't even get to watch it! soooo um i'd let the lil youngin stir not knowing what would happen

M.C. said...

Another Jay post...

I will be very nice on this comment, because I know how much you stan for Jay.

Fact of the matter, Jay says a lot of things on his records that he knows warrant someone feeling "some type of way," or some type of reaction. (i.e. D.O.A., etc.). So Wayne throwing jabs should've been expected. If you don't want beef, don't kill the cow! Jay likes to stir up shit. And maybe that is just all a part of hip-hop, but as long as he sends subliminal shots, there is always going to be someone low-key ready to react.

Personally, I could care less about this little beef. However, if J. Cole doesn't drop at the end of next month, he will have beef of a different kind.

miKeSee said...

@TC: Jay gonna respond. He just not gonna engage Lil Wayne on Wayne's terms. Jay is gonna wait and address the situation similar to how he waited and undressed beanie sigel on "Why I Love You" on Watch The Throne. Jay isn't gonna do Wayne the favor of responding now. I expect a full rebuttal on Jay's next solo effort.

@MC: Contrary to what you believe while I am a huge Jay-Z fan, I'm also oftentimes objective when other Jay fans/stans are not, lol. I agree with you that Jay makes provocative and sometimes sideways disses at lots of rappers and it's not really cool sometimes when he does it. Can't deny that at all. But this one was provoked by Baby first saying that Wayne had more money than Jay and Baby having a billie himself. So Jay was actually defending himself in a sense just like Dewayne was defending his daddy. So while I see your point, it doesn't apply in this case based on what I know of the situation. And if you're a Jay stan you know when he does shyt just to be an azzhole (ie - that Busta line on What More Can I Say) and when he's actually just letting dudes know they can't eff with him (which Wayne, Baby, and whoever else you want to name, cannot). And as far as J. Cole, I'm still not sure why everyone identifies Jay-Z as holding back his album. J. Cole has released a sheeitload of content since he's been signed, some of which was album-worthy, some of which was probably not (Cole even admitted this himself). I guess the assumption is that Cole has to walk his album to Jay see and say "can I release this" but I doubt very seriously that's what happens (and again, Cole has said this himself). So really, how much of this is on the artist versus the executive? Also, if there's any one person qualified to tell these young rappers your shyt ain't ready, it's probably Mr. Carter. So even if Jay is putting the brakes on Cole shyt (which I doubt), he's pretty much got a proven record over the last say ummmm FIFTEEN YEARS that says he probably knows what he's doing. So YES, I'm a Jay-Z fan and you could call me a Stan as well if you like, but I don't just say shyt to back Jay up all the time, I actually pay attention to the facts most times before I make a blanket Jay-Z supporter statement, lol.