Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Going Off The Grid

A couple days ago my man Lance put up a blogpost about what things people would rather give up than their cellphones. It was an interesting post and I left a comment saying how I'd give up my cell before most of the items listed in his post but whether or not I had to give up my cell versus my computer would be the real tough decision.

Nowadays most of us are tethered to some sort of device. Whether it's an mp3 player/iPod, a computer, a cellphone, a tablet device or iPad, or something else that makes us lazier life easier, we've all got our tech-vices.

Starting tomorrow, I'm giving up one of mine completely, my computer. I sit at a computer all day most work days so many of you see rapid-fire blogposts, tweets, and email responses from me all day. But for the next 5 days, I will be without the InterWeb and the computer. Normally when this happens it's because I'm on a cruise but this time I'll be in St. Thomas for a few days (yeah I know, it sounds so horrible lol).

I think every year we should all take a week or a couple days "off" from technology. Not that long ago we didn't have all this technology integrated into our daily lives and somehow we survived. Somehow, our parents survived. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself when I realized I won't be on the InterNets for the next few days, lol.


RipRock81 said...

No WiFi where you are staying? I could've sworn I had service in St. Thomas. Well good luck on your life journey homie, don't pull a Ricky Williams move on us out there.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there was wifi, I just didn't really care to be on the interweb, lol. There's cell service there but it was $2/minute. So rather than care about the internet or talking on the phone I just went with the "I'm going off the grid" plan for the time I was there. It was actually kinda nice to just drink and chill all day rather than worry about email or whatever else.

RipRock81 said...

True. I'll be doing the same thing when its time for the honeymoon. Well minus the 30-45 minutes needed to set up my Fantasy Football lineup.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ fantasy football line-up.