Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Edition

It seems like these two punches were the most polarizing issue on Twitter Saturday night. I don't get it though. Before every fight the referee says those age-old words: "Protect yourself at all times." We all hear it and evidently, some of us don't pay attention. Aside from that fact, f I head-butted you during a fight and/or boxing match and then tried to profusely apologize for it, even going so far as to kiss you on the cheek, I'd STILL be expecting you to punch me in the face. That's just the way things work.

Victor Ortiz was losing this fight and unless something miraculous happened, he was going to LOSE this fight. Let's make that clear. Floyd had him figured out in the 3rd round and was doing his usual "chill until he gets tired, try to knock him out and if I can, do it but if I can't just win on points routine". Anyone that follows Floyd has seen this before. Victor Ortiz thought he had an opening and that he was hurting Floyd and he got caught up in the moment and head-butted Floyd. Not even a disguised head-butt but a straight-up, reckless lunge of a head-butt, lol.

Sidebar: Didn't they say he might have been on the juice? Well 'roid rage makes people so super-aggressive stuff, right? I'm just saying.

Moving right along. That head-butt was a desperation move from Ortiz as far as I'm concerned. He knew he was not making any headway in figuring Floyd out, let alone landing clean punches. So when he finally felt like he was connecting and getting clean shots (even though most of them weren't clean), he got over-zealous and head-butted Floyd. What happened after that is one of the most hilarious things I've seen in boxing since Mike Tyson bit Holyfield's ear and Kostya Tsyzu had Zab Judah sleep-walking in the ring, lol.

Mr. Ortiz apologized profusely, hugged Floyd, sort of kissed him ("you make me wanna kiss you like baby kissed wayne" - 50 Cent), and then the ref brought them back together to tap gloves and made a HUGE mistake... He looked away, probably to tell the judges to deduct a point.

Anybody that follows boxing knows that once those gloves get tapped, that's equivalent to saying "FIGHT!". Floyd (who I'm sure was pissed about the head-butt and had blood in his eyes like most of us would), took full advantage of the situation and punched Ortiz in the face. Ortiz had his hands down and was paying more attention to either the ref and/or continuing his profuse display of sorry-ness and caught a left hook that appears to have left him with a serious eye-jammy. When I saw Floyd hit him with the first punch, as it was taking place I thought to myself: "Hold up, was that legal?" By that time Floyd had already landed the right handed shot and put Ortiz on the canvas. Then I thought: "Damn, he caught him but he's gonna get up". Then I realize that Ortiz wasn't gonna make it up and everyone watching the fight where I was erupted into either confusion, laughter, or admiration of Floyd (really, it was a mixed reaction for sure. I don't think half of the people really knew what was going on and whether those punches were legal). But after the replays showed that the ref brought them back together and basically gave the "FIGHT" to them both, it was clear to me that Ortiz simply got caught slipping trying to play nice. And you know what happens to nice guys (or at least what people say happens to them).

The moral of the story is, when you play dirty, you also tend to get done dirty. Though I don't think Floyd's punch was illegal I do think he took the quickest pot-shot at Ortiz he could when given the chance. Fortunately for him it was in fact, legal (even if by happenstance).

Floyd was going to win this fight regardless. Let's get over it, stop bashing the man for doing what boxers do and move on to that PacMan/PrettyBoy fight we all want to see.

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