Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 2

It was a pretty exciting week 1 of the season with HUGE numbers put up by QBs and a couple running backs putting up some great numbers as well. The Indy beatdown we all expected happened and the biggest game of the week - Ravens/Steelers - produced an unexpected beatdown. Going into week 2 I found it pretty tough to make several of these picks and it looks like we're going to have another great week of football with 3 HUGE games: New England/San Diego, Philly/Atlanta, and New Orleans/Chicago. Here are my picks...

Buffalo over Oakland: Oakland runs the ball, well. Buffalo gave up more than 100 yards rushing last week. It's gonna be tough for Oakland to go into Buffalo and win this game and I initially picked them but coming across the country and playing a Buffalo team that played a lot of good teams very well last year and came out last week and plastered Kansas City, I'm gonna take them.

Detroit over Kansas City: Kansas City should win this game, but I don't think they will. If the Lions defensive line gets pressure on Cassel I think he'll make mistakes. The Lions offense is going to be productive so as long as their defense holds up and they can keep Cassel from beating them, I think they'll win this one. I don't think Jamaal Charles can single-handledly beat the Lions. We'll see.

Baltimore over Tennessee: This was probably the easiest pick of the week aside form the Pittsburgh and Carolina games. If Baltimore plays even half as good as they did last week this is a win. One thing I would be afraid of if I was a Ravens fan, is the Ravens (read: their secondary) getting a false sense of confidence based on last week's game and letting Kenny Britt go off on them. I am sure the Ravens d-line and LBs will be focused but those DBs, I'm not so sure. So far it looks like the Ravens offense is clicking very well and if that remains the case, the Titans won't be able to stop them. I'm just hoping that Chris Johnson can break a long run or two and get a TD to help out my fantasy squad, lol.

Indy over Cleveland: I don't think Indy is as bad as the score from last week would make one think. It was a road divisional game against a team that's had more talent for a couple years now and Peyton wasn't playing. Most of us saw that win coming a mile away. This week, they get Cleveland whose a lot less talented overall but can run the ball really well. If Indy can stop Peyton Hillis from running too much they've got a good shot at winning. I don't think they're offense will be as bad as it was last week and this is their home opener so they'll play hard for the home crowd. Hopefully Peyton shows up to give the team a morale boost.

Minnesota over Tampa Bay: Minnesota's passing game was non-existent last week. I don't think that'll happen this week and I do think that Purple Jesus could lead them to a win all by himself. Minnesota's been ok against the run in the one game they've played. It's Minnesota's home opener as well and I think Tampa Bay is a team they can squeak a win out against in a really charged up stadium and McNabb can't suck as much as he did last week in the passing game. He can't (I think).

New Orleans over Chicago: I think this is going to be a shoot-out. But New Orleans playing at home against a team that's not as good offensively as the Packers (who the Saints stayed with for most of that game) and I think they have a pretty good home-field advantage in their dome sooooooo, Saints in a shoot-out, 41-37.

Jets over Jags: I don't think I need to explain this one.

Pittsburgh over Seattle: I feel bad for Seattle having to come to Pittsburgh a week after they got their you-know-whats handed to them by the Ravens. I'm expecting big games from Ben, Rashard, and Lawrence Timmons.

Washington over Arizona: I didn't pick the Skins last week but I'm taking them this week after a pretty solid performance. One thing they may want to keep in mind however is that they should not kick to Patrick Peterson and they might want to slide coverage to Larry Fitzgerald's side. I'd take my chances at letting Todd Heap and Early Doucet beat me. On the offensive side of the ball for the Redskins it looks like Rex is pretty comfortable back there when there's not a lot of pressure and the running game is solid. Hopefully Hightower gets amped for this game against his old squad and has a great performance. That'll open some play-action up for Rex. The one variable here is that if the Cardinals blitz Rex and get his confidence down early in the game, it may be a long day for the Skins.

Green Bay over Carolina: I expect this to be a blowout. Neither Cam nor Steve Smith South will have as good games as they had last week. Not against this defense. I think Cam will do better than people (including myself) expects but I'm predicting a couple INTs (maybe one for a TD) from Cam and a heavy dose of Greg Jennings from the Packers.

Dallas over San Fran: This is a must-win for Dallas. Actually, it's a must-win for Romo. Robb Ryan's defense pressuring Alex Smith does not bode well for Niner fans (sorry Lance).

Cincy over Denver: I don't have very much confidence in Denver and they should be able to beat the friggin' Bengals but I think Cincinnati's defense is going to play well and if they can get Cedric Benson going it'll help open up some things in the passing game for the redhead (Andy Dalton). If Denver loses this game they may as well just mail it in the rest of the season. Especially considering that they're playing at home (again).

Houston over Miami: I do not believe that Tony Sparano's team is just going to lay down for the Texans because they played pretty well against the Patriots if you watched that game. But I don't think that offensively they can keep up with Houston if Houston gets going. Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall don't appear to be on the same page and Reggie Bush (the greatest skat-back of the last 5 years) might get a big play but it won't be enough.

New England over San Diego: This was the toughest game for me to pick. I really think San Diego has everything it takes to beat the Pats but playing on the Pats home field in their season opener, I just don't know. I'll take New England and Brady coming off through 500+ yards and Belicheck's defensive mind.

Atlanta over Philly: Atlanta stunk it up last week and Philly played well. Philly has a ridiculous amount of firepower offensively but Atlanta's not too shabby either. I think Atlanta's going to rebound from that loss in Chicago and win this home-opener and spoil Mike Vick's return to town as a starter. I'm expecting a couple key mistakes from Vick in this one that will give Atlanta the victory.

Giants over Rams: If Bradford's finger wasn't hurt and Danny Amendola and Stephen Jackson weren't out, I'd be taking the Rams. But the Giants have enough offensive firepower (even when Eli/Forrest Gump is playing subpar) to beat the Rams. Mike Sims-Walker hasn't shown up yet and I don't expect him to this week.

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