Thursday, September 15, 2011

Video: J Cole feat Trey Songz - Can't Get Enough

I didn't think this song was anything special when I first heard it but now that I've listened again a few times I think it's a nice summer song. Too bad the summer's pretty much over.

J Cole feat. Trey Songz – Can't Get Enough from RnbXHipHop on Vimeo.

Regarding J. Cole in general I really like a lot of his music but I think it's going to be tough for his debut release to meet the expectations placed on him.  His album will drop, it'll be a good album, but everyone will want a classic because we've waited so long for a studio release. Meanwhile, his "Friday Night Lights" mixtape was pretty daggon good!


Anonymous said...

Call me a hater if you want. But seems like everything Trey Songz touches the quality goes to shit. dude can his money, God bless America, but he will never get my cash. J Cole is a good rapper, but he needs more livelyness to his style. Its seems muffled somehow.

Big ups on your blog I like it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment and compliment. I don't necessarily agree that everything Trey is on goes to garbage but sometimes I do get tired of hearing him on stuff. In this case though, I don't think he takes away from this song but you could probably put just about any male half-decent R&B singer on this hook and I'd feel the same way (like Jerimih). I guess the real problem is that Trey doesn't really bring anything to the track, lol.

Anyway, I agree with you re: Cole sounding muffled in a sense. He is a good lyricist but I think his delivery and flow sometimes leaves something to be desired.