Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Football's Back! That Means it's Fantasy Time!

3 fantasy leagues this year:
  • Work league
  • League with the homeboys
  • Another league with guys that grew up around my hometown/neighborhood
I'm not going to lie, managing 3 fantasy teams is a little bit too much work, even without the season having started yet. Drafting for 3 teams, strategizing for the draft, and managing 3 separate teams through the year... It's a lot! Not to mention I also have 2 entries in a survivor pool and I'm participating in 3 pick'em leagues. It's crazy, I know. With all that said, I want to give a run-down of my rosters for all 3 fantasy leagues since I know a few of you are probably just finishing up your drafts and getting ready for the first game of the season on Thursday like I am.

League with the homeboys
12 teams in this league.

Work League
8 teams in this league.

League with guys that grew up in my hometown
There are only 6 teams in this league, fyi.

The problems that come with having this many fantasy teams is that: 1) you forget which players you have in which leagues, 2) you might forget to manage one team every once in a while, especially if you start losing games regularly, and 3) you have to check waiver wires for 3 different leagues and pay attention to the injury report each week. Again, this is a lot of work! Question, which of these three teams do you think is the best going into Week 1? I'm torn between the first league and the second league.

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