Friday, December 21, 2012

The (Aspiring) Rapper, K. Robinson

So I found out last night that my godson that lives in Buffalo raps (as K. Robinson). I had heard wind of this a couple years back but didn't know he really took it this seriously. But apparently, not only does he rap, he makes beats too! Now to put this into perspective, he's 14 years old. No 14 year old is out here dropping Andre Benjamin style gems or making Dr. Dre beats. Me being a fan of hip-hop/rap, I had to temper my expectations before I watched the video (see below).

When I watched the video I was impressed. Mostly with the latter part of the video where he does his verse a capella (at about the 4:35 mark) and I can tell that he actually puts some thought and effort into his rhymes and he's not just writing words that rhyme. Anyway, whether or not he becomes a rapper or producer or whatever, I think it's dope that a kid can have this as a hobby and channel all the energy he has into something positive that lets him be creative and develop a passion for something. That's dope and I'm proud of him.

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T.a.c.D said...

he's much better than a LOT of rappers out here