Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Obligatory Charles Ramsey Post

  1. I understand this bama is funny but at the same time he is a pretty smart and well-adjusted guy at the same time.
  2. Just because one speaks in an animated fashion and not the Kang's English (yes, Kangs), it does not mean that he is by any means an idiot.
  3. This is the perfect opportunity for Black folks to take a stand and stop contributing to the same stereotypes they seek to eliminate (more on this later).
First, I want to say that the best part of this whole situation aside from him saying: "I could have done this a year ago... Not this hero stuff... the RIGHT thing" is the phone call he made to police. This is pretty much exactly what any bruh that has had a run-in or "expereience" with the laws would say on this call.

I'm sure we all knew this would blow up on the InterWeb and to a certain extent, rightfully so because it's funny. At the same time, I think that this was a great opportunity for Black folks to stand up for one of our own that looks like he is on some ole minstrel show stuff but in actuality, just did an amazingly great thing! And on top of that, is clearly smarter than the stereotype of his appearance and way of speaking would have one believe. Charles Ramsey is a smart dude! Let's not get it twisted. Aside from that, the brother appears to have a great set of morals as well. But Black people are so quick nowadays to meme-ify someone on Twitter that I think this all the good things about Charles might get lost. We (Black folks) always talk about how we don't want to be stereotyped and how people are quick to judge us based on our looks (and so on) and as soon as we have one of our own that is easily "fryable" online we jump to our phones and computers and get to goin' INNNNN!

This time though, was an opportunity to make a bigger statement than the cliché "Black man saves white woman is scared he will be the one getting locked up" or whatever other tired ass joke people want to put up on the InterWebs. This was an opportunity to say "You know what, even though you might think we're dumb and we don't do things the 'right way' because of how we talk or how we're dressed, we just destroyed that myth!" Instead, we contribute to the "coonification" of this man by going HAM on the internet. Clearly, missing the point and a golden opportunity. I'm not on a soapbox or anything because I think he's hilarious too! But I'm more proud of what he did and how he handled it in his unique style/way afterward and still came across as a very intelligent and conscious guy. I thought that was awesome, unlike the reaction of the Black side of the InterWeb.

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M.C. said...

I agree. I was surprised at how articulate he was (I hate to even say that) because people were making so many comments about him. Then when I saw what he looked like, I thought, oh boy, not another Sweet Brown. But, he was awesome! He did what most people wouldn't have done, not to mention, those women can finally get their lives back. Yes, some of our folk (I'm not claiming them) take things too far, and always want to perpetuate the stereotypes. I say, "Cheers," to this brother. A noble guy indeed.