Friday, May 3, 2013

Mixtape: Dexter's Lab by Dexter Darko

"Dexter Darko" is a cousin of one of my best friends from childhood and as a result we've become cool over the years and I love the fact that he's a bright young guy going to school but also doing something he has a true passion for, rapping. For all you aspiring rappers out there, yes it's fine to go to school but still find ways to pursue your hip-hop dreams (and still have a solid education to fall back on). All that aside, "Dexter" has sent me some tracks over the years that I've previewed and given some feedback on and some of them has been great and I've wanted to post but he asked that I not post until he is ready to release his material to the broader public. Makes sense. Well, now's that time! I just got an email from him about his mixtape, Dexter's Lab and I'd like to share it.

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