Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Neither Ray J nor Wale lack for confidence

I'll give Wale credit in that he does not lack for confidence in his rapping ability. This is a decent montage he has put together to promote his upcoming project though it does seem kind of odd having him and not MLK JR bust through the "I Have A Dream" thing toward the end. Sometimes I feel like these guys have to be completely non self-aware to come off as confident and cocky as they do (ie - Rick Ross) but I guess if you always felt like the underdog then you gotta let everybody know you're not just as good, you're better. Oh well.

Now onto this bama Ray-J. As much as I think Ray-J is a clown (and he IS), I still have to give him some credit for "Wait a Minute" (act like that joint didn't bump if you want) and for also finding a way to use his sister's fame to get himself rich. Granted, he's let his money and apparent access to trollops of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities (is that you Kim?) go to his head but yet-and-still, Ray-J seems to have a way to keep himself semi in the InterWeb news cycle. I mean, this bama was apparently sleeping with Whitney Houston for crying out loud!!! And for as much as I think this "I Hit It" song solidifies him as the number one lame/bama/clown/simp of all times, it's not that bad of a song. I mean, if you change the content of the song and take the dude whose testes apparently haven't dropped yet (Bobby Brackins needs to hit puberty before he puts that voice on another track. That's what you call pre-pubescent overcompensation rap right there) off the joint and replace him with someone that is a known rapper, you might actually have a decent radio song. The fact that he is still using the Kim K thing to keep himself relevant is lame. Shorty has moved on and I assume he has to but figured this might be a good way to try and make himself relevant again, especially if emotional a$$ Kanye-Tuda decided to respond. But my point was that Ray J is confident but his talent level is subpar if not mediocre. Wale - hate his personality/style or love it - has some serious talent. They both are super confident and cocky but at least one of them can back it up consistently and stay relevant something actually worthwhile like a talent.

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