Friday, July 17, 2009

PacMan Jones: Cheap BASTARD! Jermaine Dupri too!

I'm not fond of strip clubs but I have made the occasional jaunt to the land of lust and I definitely abide by the "unwritten" strip club rules. I don't have enough money to make it drizzle let alone make it rain, so I don't know what it's like to bring "$100K" into a strip club and have it broken-down into $1 bills so I can throw it around and then ask for it back. Hold up, ask for it back???

Who goes to the strip club and does THAT?

Evidently, PacMan Jones, Jermaine Dupri and *maybe* even Nelly (Mr. Pimp Juice himself) ask for their money back after causing some (*Michael Steele voice*) "precipitation in the heezy". Newsflash fellas, this is not WAL-MART!

Here is my problem with the shytuation:

You guys are supposed to be rich!

It ain't trickin' if you got it, right? Go ahead and waste your money on some skrippas rather than a new chain or a Maybach or a Bentley. If you gonna stunt that hard you gotta play the full part, not just the dress rehearsal. Shouldn't you be fully committed to your stuntin' if you're this *rich*? I mean who else really has the money to stunt like this. Somebody's gotta do it and do it for real, not for show. Have some integrity guys, please.

And now for some comic relief. Why did I bust out laughin' when I heard/saw... "I'm Jermaine Dupri!"

Yeah AND your like 3'8"! I'm supposed to take orders from you?


A. B. said...

Seriously, WTF???!!!!

This is crazy. SMH

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you get a bunch of insecure dudes with money in one room. EPIC FAIL!

M.C. said...

DEAD@Jermaine Dupri!

Is micro midget serious? How do you go to a strip club, and then get on the mic and give instructions??? How LAME is that? No wonder Janet walked...

Anonymous said...

"Janet was in control, because that hoe left" -- Rick Ross

As for the strip club stuff, JD later said that the strippers were too anxious to collect their money. He said in ATL the women know that you are supposed to wait to get your money until afterward.

What I find funny is that it wasn't really about letting the strippers collect the dough but making sure all the dough you threw around was returned to you.

Where they do that at?