Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Latest Pair

I just copped some new kicks and as @LAFgoesON and @RahOfEyekon can attest to, I have a penchant for copping shoes that I assume no one else will buy or has. I don't really follow trends when it comes to tennis shoes or sneakers. When it comes to boots or dress shoes I'll go with the flow and get some Tims (no Nike Boots though) or some Ferragamo's or Mezlans or whatever else is the standard for quality. But I like to keep my casual/tennis shoe game a lil spicy/different.

I just got the pair below and my co-worker @bwingenroth told me he was feeling them. @Angolia loathes them but she also hated these, calling them "boat shoes". Yet she doesn't call these (which I also have) boat shoes. Go figure. To each his/her own.

The shoes below are actually pretty old so I'm sure there have been dudes with these already but hopefully they've "fallen off the map" (so to speak) so when I break out with a fresh pair it'll come across as stylish and not plain ole' late.

What do you think?

P.S. - Laf, this does not mean that the adidas are getting retired. Imma wear those until they leaning like a dope fiend.


Laf said...

LMAO!!! So does that mean these are the heirs to the Adidas position?

Anonymous said...

Nah, these are too colorful. Not everyday enough to replace the everyday Adidas.

But what do you think? Feel free to hate like you normally do.