Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eff the Flow the Jocking My SLANG!

The following post is written from the perspective of Mike La Flare. If you don't know, you better ask @Apuje, @RahofEyekon, @LAFgoesON, or @Nicole_Alexis.

I be on twitter sometimes right. And when I be on twitter sometimes I use certain words that I think I came up with like to use to describe different emotions or events or just for emphasis. But son, it be mad people that regurgitate my ish w/out giving me any credit, B. And I derive my self-confidence from: 1) Doing the same stuff Jay-Z and Diddy do (shot out to Laf), 2) getting retweets on the TwitterNets, 3) getting comments on this blog, and 4) coming up with nerdy terms like TwitterNets and WebNerd.

For that reason Imma go ahead and put together this list joe because bamas be jye faking like they don't know who came up with these jonts.

WOMP: This is an expression that can be used to mean..."bullshyt", "suuuuuuure", "yeah right", "I'm laughing at your dumb azz", "take that" (à la Diddy), and much more. I use this mostly to say "take that", "yeah right", "bullshyt", or just for emphasis on the tail-end of something that amuses me (I'm a dork like that, you're cooler than me).

For example: "You just bought some Jellys? Sweetheart, it's 2009! WOMP!"

SCRUMPET: A scrumpet is also known as a scallywag, trifle whore, mud-duck, hoodrat, or otherwise socially, morally, and aesthetically unacceptable female. I may sometimes use this to describe a guy just to piss him off (à la calling him a "pussy azz ninja" or "eff boy").

For example: "This nasty-azz scrumpet just freaked that bama on the dancefloor and pulled her dress up in front of the whole club." You could have put a "womp" on the end of that one too by the way.

SHYTUATION: This is a circumstance in which something effed up, crazy, or otherwise flabbergasting has taken place.

For example, when you think you are sending a direct message on Twitter and you send it publicly, that's a shytuation.

YANKEE: I stole this one from my man Sean (RIP) I'm not gonna lie. A yankee is a dude that does some stuff that guys just aren't supposed to do. A yankee is probably on the same level as a clown, herb, bama, or whatever your regional slang is for a cornball.

For example: "This yankee gonna invite us all to the club saying he got a free table and bottle service, order bottles, party, and then when it's time to leave tell US the bill is $500. EFFING YANKEE!"

This is just the first few. I have some more I use in casual (verbal) conversation that'll eventually get to the TwitterNets, but until then I would appreciate a "(courtesy @mcarroll4716)" when you jock my fresh. Thanks!


Laf said...

No "Plax yourself" explanation? Whatupwitdat? I also recommend coming up with more hybrid joints like "Plaxergasted", "Chedderbob Plax Yourself", and "Scrumptuation"

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you just said scrumptuation. Now you got me thinking about "frump". Ok, time to update the post...