Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Remembering my friend, Jarronn Jackson...

The last post about Jarronn was during the fresh wound. I had just found out about his passing. I was hurting. I was angry. I didn't understand. I was searching for an answer and more importantly, an inner-peace that was only going to come in due time.

In the 4 days that have past since that post I've had time to grieve, pray, talk about it with friends, reminisce, pray, and start the healing process. To be honest, I'm still healing right now and it's tough when I look at the magnet on my refrigerator that's a picture of he and his wife (wedding invitation). It's tough when I think of how he tied a tie knot for me in 2000 at the NSBE National Convention that was so sharp that I kept that knot in my tie to THIS DAY (now it's never coming out). It's tough when I think about the fun times we had together.

Jarronn was a great person and he will be missed by a lot of people. He was a smart, down-to-earth, ambitious, and fun-loving person that enjoyed life to the fullest and valued those who were a part of his life. And his Facebook page is an example of how those people valued him as well.

I hope Jarronn's passing becomes inspiration for others to live life with the same passion, ambition, sense of humor, happiness, and love for God that he did.

For those that plan on attending his Memorial Service, details are below:

Jarronn Jackson Memorial Service
Saturday, August 8, 12:00 p.m.
Faith Temple No. 2
211 Maryland Park Drive, Capitol Heights, MD 20743

A repast will be held following the memorial service at the same location.

Flowers can be sent to the church, or donations can be sent to a memorial fund we have established through our church. Checks for the fund should be made out to Zion Church and sent to the attention of "Jarronn Jackson Memorial Fund." Donations also can be made through PayPal by visiting www.zionchurchonline.com.


BKJ said...

I'm planning to attend the candlelight vigil this evening. However, I can't get on FB at work. Do you know exactly where it will be? I heard it will be somewhere at the Blvd at the Cap Ctr.

Anonymous said...

Vigil Info...

There will be a vigil and memorial ride for GO GETTA Jackson, Broken Silence MC. The vigil will take place in front of Sidelines Bar & Grill at Capitol Boulevard (Details Below). Those that would like to participate are asked to arrive at 7:00 PM SHARP. A subsequent ride to the Platinum Rollers MC Bike Night at T.G.I.F. Fridays in Greenbelt, MD (Details Below) will take place directly afterwards. The ride will include a route on Harry S. Truman Drive, where GO GETTA was called home.
Wednesday, August 5th, 2009, 7:00 PM

Meeting Location for Vigil & Ride:
Front of Sidelines Bar and Grill, 880 Capitol Center BLVD, Largo, MD 20774 (301) 336-0056

Ending Location for Ride:
TGI Fridays, 6460 Capitol Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770 (301) 345-2503

Directions to Sidelines bar & Grill:
http://www.mapquest .com/maps? name=Sideline+ Bar+%26+Grill&city=Upper+Marlboro&state=MD&address=880+ Capital+Centre+ Blvd&zipcode=20774&country=US&latitude=38. 902578&longitude=-76. 84507www.mapquest

BKJ said...

Thanks for the info. The vigil was very well done. I'm sure Jarronn would have been pleased. You definitely could feel the love in the atmosphere. May his life inspire us all.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the vigil was well done. I couldn't make it but I'm sure there were a lot of people there that he touched.

Anonymous said...

I thought about Jarronn today; his life, aspirations and specifically two old memories I have of him....

When I knew him, Jarronn would wake up every morning and say, "Lord, thank you for letting me see this day." It was such a simple statement that showed his love of God and how grateful he was for every day of his life.

He once told me that as a kid he would often "play dead". We laughed about it because of course that's such an odd thing to do. He told me he would lay there to see how long it would take someone to notice and come to his attention. As I see the 600+ people who are celebrating his life I am in awe that there were so many people whose life he touched. I hope that he could smile and see that we are all here for him. I can't describe the initial shock that came over me when I first heard about his passing....I kept thinking...why? but lord this was your faithful servant...He was just starting his family...he was doing everything right...??The mysteries of this life I will never understand.....

I pray for his little brother who I know he was so proud of and loved dearly, father, mother, and wife.