Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stuck in the horns of a Fantasy Football Dilemma

I'm in 3 fantasy football leagues this year, 2 ESPN and one Yahoo! I'm doing pretty well in my Yahoo! league (second place going into the playoffs) and one of my ESPN Leagues (#1 ranked). In my other ESPN league however - the one I enjoy the most and the one with my good friends - I somehow limped into the playoffs in the 8th spot. The playoffs started last week and I managed to pull a GIGANTIC upset and knock-off the #1 ranked team. Funny thing is, I wasn't even paying attention and didn't realize it was the first round of the playoffs because I was out-of-town all weekend lol.

But here's my dilemma for the second round. I'm going this round with a QB problem. Here are the 3 QBs I'm carrying on my team:

Ben Roethlisberger: Ben has been performing decent enough for me to start him every week since I acquired him in a trade earlier in the year.

David Garrard: I picked him up off waivers last week or the week before. I'm not a big fan of Garrard because he's one of those "thin line" guys. As in, there's a thin line between when he'll perform average-to-okay and when he'll perform horrendously. But to his credit, he's come on over the past 5 weeks as the Jags have started to surge/strengthen.

Kerry Collins: I picked him up this morning off waivers SOLELY BECAUSE HE'S PLAYING THE TEXANS! The Texans defense is ranked dead-azz-last in the NFL and Collins is a proven (but sometimes shaky) veteran with Kenny Britt, Randy Moss, and Nate "I'm a deep threat only" Washington at his disposal. Not to mention Chris "Pinball" Johnson who can take a screen all the way at any point.

So here's what I need to figure out...


Ben is playing the Jets. The same Jets that appear to be showing their true colors in that they can't keep up the scoring enough to consistently win against good teams. The problem with the Jets is not necessarily defense even though they've been losing, so I expect them to play solid defense against the Steelers and limit Ben's yardage.

Garrard is playing the Colts. The last time these two teams played Garrard 150+ yards and 2 TDs, not a bad performance at all. I can definitely see him putting up these types of numbers again and I have the Jags winning this one.

Kerry Collins is playing the Texans. Again, they (the Texans) are ranked last in the NFL in passing defense. They give up the most passing yardage and passing TDs. Oddly enough, the Texans are solid against the run (ranked 6th). Because the Texans can put up points with anyone in the league I'm expecting this to be a shoot-out with lots of passing yards. Again, this theory of mine is the sole reason I picked up Kerry Collins and even if he does well this week (and I make it to the next round) I'll still be dropping him and going back to my "Ben Garrard-Roethlisberger for the Win" plan since Ben has the Panthers and Browns the next two weeks and Garrard has Washington and Houston.

I know lots of people consider their matchup (who the other team has playing) when considering who to start. I never really understood that approach and I don't use it. I just try to put the best possible team of starters together each week and let the chips fall. But this week, I'm having a tough time deciding on a QB. I need to get through this week with as many points from the QB position as possible. If you were me, who would you start?


Rah said...

Prick! Good luck lol

Anonymous said...

I repeat...May the best team win lol.

RipRock81 said...

i think I'm rockin w/Collins if Rodgers sits out this week for the playoffs in my money league. My other options were Alex Smith, didn't like his match up, or Jason Campbell. Collins against the sorry Texans pass defense feels like the logical answer to me.

I don't think Berger is going to do much, the have clinched the playoffs he's simi-injured, whats the point. In my other league I'm starting Josh Freeman over him, but I'm in the con-Playoffs in that league battling it out for 7th place out of 14.

The Colts run defense stinks, I can see Garrard just exposing that by handing off the ball, but then again that might open it up for him to run it in or get some nice play action TDs. He's probably the only one of the three that is really playing for anything at this point. So maybe because its important to him to win he might help you out? *shrug*

Anonymous said...

The beauty of the Colts run defense is that they can't stop the run and have MJD.

I'm thinking I'll take my chances with MJD at running back and Collins hopefully in a shoot-out with the Titans.