Thursday, December 16, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 15

Three games left in the season, except for this guy.

Normally this is the time when things are either really exciting (for those teams jockeying for playoff position) or really boring (for those teams that have no chance of making the playoffs). I'm guessing the playoffs turn out like this...

New England
Kansas City
San Diego (yes San Diego. And I realize the Jets would basically have to lose-out the remainder of the season and the Chargers would have to win-out)

New Orleans
Seattle (I know, I know. San Fran is probably the trendy pick here but I'm gonna gamble on the bum-azz Seahawks)

I'm not sure of who I think will win it all yet though.

San Diego over San Fran: San Diego needs this win. They are a more talented team and the only way I can seem them losing is if they self-destruct.

Bengals over Browns: Flipped a coin and when I looked it had T.O. and Ocho Cinco's face on it.

Dallas over Washington: My Skins will lose yet another one. As far as talent goes, Dallas is far more talented than the Bucs who we (as I predicted about halfway through this game) found a way to lose to.

Houston over Tennessee: Tennessee won't be able to stop Houston from scoring. I'm expecting a shoot-out in this one.

Jags over Colts: This may signal the beginning of the end of the Colts dominance in this division. Then again, maybe that was week 1 when Arian Foster went all Adrian Peterson on the Colts.

Chiefs over Rams: Chiefs are the better team and need the win.

Dolphins over Bills: Flipped a coin on this one too. The Dolphins have a better record but the Bills play harder. It would not surprise me at all to see the Bills show more heart than the Dolphins and pull this one out.

Philly over NYG: If Philly can stop the run and force Forrest Gump to beat them, this is a win for the Eagles.

Tampa over Detroit: Tampa is solid enough to win this one.

Arizona over Carolina: Arizona's only slightly better than Carolina but they'll show up in this one and get the "W".

New Orleans over Baltimore: The Ravens lose at home for the second time this season. Unless the Ravens can put some points on the board early I expect the Saints to be pretty consistent on offense (though it won't be a rout by any means) and do enough on defense to confuse Joe Flacco and contain the Ravens here-one-week-gone-the-next offense. If this turns into a shoot-out, the Ravens and their DBs have no chance.

Atlanta over Seattle: Atlanta isn't losing this week either folks.

Oakland over Denver: Denver's a team in disarray and Oakland appears to be a team (dare I say it) that'll be one to be reckoned with next year. Wow, I just said that.

Pittsburgh over NYJ: The Jets are showing their true colors. Defense wins championships but unless their defense can score like the Ravens defense used to, there will be no championship. And I will take a gritty Pittsburgh team that sticks to the run and play-action pass to control the clock and make a couple big plays in this game. But I am definitely sitting Mike Wallace and Big Ben on my fantasy squad this week (though I have a feeling Wallace has one or two big plays coming his way this week).

New England over Green Bay: The Packers only have a chance if Aaron Rodgers plays. And even then, the Patriots can keep pace with the Packers when it comes to scoring. I'd expect the Packers defense to break before the Patriots defense does. Although the Pats defense does bend quite a bit, they never really break. And their consistency on offense always keeps them in games even with the defense gives up yardage. Besides, how (at this point) can you pick against the Patriots in cold and/or inclement weather?

Chicago over Minnesota: Much like Brett Favre's season, the Vikings season is done. Favre probably won't play again eVAR and Tavaris Jackson is on the IR. They signed Patrick "I used to be a Redskins QB not named Rypien or Williams, isn't that enough" Ramsey and their other QB option is Joe Webb who is a freak athlete that they wanted to play wide-out originally. I say all this to say, it's time for Minnesota guys to start thinking about the sex boat outing they will be on once it gets warmer on the lake.

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