Monday, December 20, 2010

Video: Where Do We Go - Ab Lica & iCan (feat. Malice)

I'm not sure who iCan is but I've been a fan of Ab Liva for a minute (ie - back when he was on "Hot Damn" by the Clipse). And if memory serves me correctly he was in one of those Philly rap groups back in the day not named The Roots or Philly's Most Wanted (for some reason, the name is escaping me but they did have one hit song the name of which I can't remember either).

Nevertheless, I ran across the track below on and only listened because I saw that Malice was on it (sorry Ab). Speaking of Malice, since the Clipse's last CD dropped, it appears that he has started to master the art of rapping positive but keeping it gully/street enough so that you don't really notice. For example, "Freedom". Meanwhile, Pusha T has moved on to talking about Versace sofas, salmon-coloered suits, and his favorite topic, cocaine lol.

This Ab & iCan joint is one of those tracks that'll find it's way to my "NewShyt" playlist and enter the "Day2Day" rotation soon thereafter.

Ab Liva & iCan Ft. Malice - Where Do We Go? from YenEuroDollar on Vimeo.

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