Friday, December 10, 2010

Mystery Solved: Nikki Minaj's "Accent"

I know for a fact that I am not the only person that is sometimes annoyed by Nikki Minaj's penchant for using a faux accent in her raps. I guess I could call it a faux Bri'ish accent but it's not really that good of an attempt. It's like listening to Diddy rap lyrics that he's penned himself, you can only take so much of it. For those of you that think her over-usage of the fake accent is cute, shouldn't you be in 2nd period right now? Hopefully it's spelling or French class because m-i-n-a-j is surely not how you spell ménage.

Anywho, last night I was watching some news show and I heard of a medically recognized syndrome that clearly explains one reason why Nikki Minaj may be using this accent. What is that syndrome you ask? No, it's not fetal alcohol syndrome (I know that's what most of you guessed, don't lie) but Foreign Accent Syndrome.

YES, that's a real syndrome.

Check the details about this syndrome as stated on the most reliable source for medical information on the InterWeb, Wikipedia:
"Foreign accent syndrome is a rare medical condition involving speech production that usually occurs as a side effect of severe brain injury, such as a stroke or head trauma."
The keys words here (as I highlighted for you) are "head" and "trauma". Keep that in mind while you learn a bit more about this syndrome.
"It must be emphasized that the speaker does not suddenly gain a foreign language (vocabulary, syntax, grammar, etc); they merely pronounce their native language with a foreign or dialectical accent... To the untrained ear, those with the syndrome sound as though they speak their native languages with a foreign accent."

So this would lead me to believe (and perhaps only me) that at some point one of the following things happened to Nikki Minaj:
  1. She was dropped on her head as a child
  2. She got smart with some dude with a chip on his shoulder and he smacked the bejesus out of her
  3. Wearing a weave that's too tight is almost as traumatic as a stroke
  4. Doggystyle sex accident (*blank stare*)
It had to be one of those reasons or it's foreign accent syndrome induced by exposure to a recording studio or stage.

Unfortunately, this only (potentially) solves only one of the mysteries of the act/persona that is Nikki Minaj. We still have to solve why she wears those wigs (no Beyonce), whether or not she likes boys, girls, or both, and also how her butt got that ridiculously big (not that I'm mad about it).

Not to mention the one question I'd like to ask her which is, did she purposely try to make herself the combination of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Lil Kim or was it all Diddy's idea before she dropped him as "manager"?

I'm sure there's more to Nikki Minaj than what we all see on television and hear in her songs. But if there isn't, hide ya wife, hide ya kids... Especially your daughters!


M.C. said...

Foreign Accent Syndrome? Mike, I just can't with that one. This chick is bipolar - period. In fact, she told Chelsea Handler that she has FIVE different personalities! As far as the wigs - they complete all of the personalities, kind of like role playing. Plus, without them she would be any other Trinidadian from New York!

How did her butt get so big? Take your pick, butt shots, Brazillian butt lift, ass implants - either way she bought it! And it has given her a lot of attention, even Regis couldn't resist. No, she doesn't like girls. That whole play on her sexuality was a publicity stunt, which worked. That, plus her obvious double entendre on her name brought a lot of attention to her in the beginning. I don't know if FSA is real, but mental issues clearly go hand in hand with it.

M.C. said...

Doggystyle accident? And you talk about me?

miKeSee said...

Bipolar, schizo, whatever. Something seems a little off. But I guess part of that is what intrigues a lot of people to (at the least) pay attention to her if not be a fan.

I'm sure it's all part act part truth in that she realizes that coming off as a bisexual schizo will draw attention to her. Add to that the fact that she does have some talent as far as rapping and her delivery of her lyrics and people (read: kids mostly) are gonna pay attention.

Foreign Accent Syndrome is real by the way...

RipRock81 said...

Pure Comedy! But great reasoning, I'll go with all of the above, with the last 3 happening at the same time...

miKeSee said...

LOL at all three at once.