Friday, September 17, 2010

A Few Thoughts on that AZZ-Teca Reporter that the Jets Couldn't Contain Themselves Around

Ladies and gentleman, meet Azteca network sports reporter, Ines Sainz.

Attractive for sure in a "she fits the generic mold of what we're socialized to believe is beauty" kind of way, lol. Shes' been pitched by her network (TV Azteca) as "The hottest sports reporter in Mexico". Maybe she is. In fact, I'd like to be on the committee that makes that decision. Why, you ask? Because this is Ines Sainz when she was at the Jet's practice...

And this is Ines Sainz in a bathing suit...

And this is Ines Sainz on the beach thinking about me...

And this is Ines Sainz practicing her watching skills for the Jet's practice...

Where I grew up we'd call that a "butt-butt", not an azz (fellas, don't let that shot on the right fool you). But I'm sure most of "mainstream" America thinks this is like the best booty on the planet. And when you've got 53 alpha males sweating it out at practice I'm sure MRS. Sainz (yes, she's married), packaged in those jeans, was a pleasurable sight.

In general I don't think it's right to sexually harass a woman (ie - touch, make lude comments, or do anything else that makes her feel intimidated) even if a woman is dressed in what could be considered *sexy* or provocative attire. Like most guys, I'll look but not much beyond that. At the same time, I do believe that women know exactly what they're wearing and how it can be interpreted by men and should act/dress accordingly. It's like Dave Chappelle once said, "She might not be a hoe, but she wearing a hoe's uniform". And a lot of guys will react to that uniform accordingly. That's NOT to say that she was dressed like a hoe because she really isn't. She's just dressed in a way that accentuates body parts that men pay attention to. You know this, I know this, and I'm sure the Jets players were pleasantly surprised to see this.

Ines knows how her butt looks in those jeans and she could have easily chosen not to wear them because of the environment she was going into. It's as simple as not wearing sexy/revealing attire when you go to church (some of ya'll scrumpets still don't have that right yet). Even if the clothing is comfortable and you don't see anything wrong with it, that doesn't mean that you aren't setting yourself up for some type of harassment. Women her age are aware of this, especially the attractive ones, I'm just saying.

For this reason, I don't think she is innocent in this situation and I'm glad that she isn't making a huge deal out of it like American media outlets have been. At the same time, she didn't deserve to be harassed either. But I didn't deserve to have my bike stole when I was in the 5th grade. In other words, shyt that you don't deserve to have happen to you can sometimes happen. And as far as the blame-game goes, I don't accept the "it's the fault of the network she works for" explanation. She has gone along with the "hottest sports reporter in Mexico" tag-line for this long so to a certain extent, she has invited this type of behavior. Men are men. We look, we make comments among one-another, and sometimes we do childish stuff to get a "hot" girls attention. It's in our nature. And it's in all of our nature to want to be around people we feel are attractive in some way (be it physical or otherwise). Who knows, Ines may have thought that wearing something like that would make her more likely to get the interview she wanted with Mark Sanchez (we all know how those USC QBs roll).

All I'm saying is that you decrease your likelihood of getting an STD if you wear a condom. And you decrease your likelihood of getting catcalls or harassed if you don't wear certain types of clothing. This is common sense and sometimes you sacrifice comfortableness or "wearing what you like" out of respect for yourself and the situation you're going into.

I don't feel sorry for her one bit even though I think what happened is wrong. Ines is going to be famous off of this and she's actually down-played the entire incident so maybe it's only certain people in the general public that care and the NFL trying to save face. Personally, I think she invited the behavior (perhaps she's this naive but I doubt it) by dressing the way she did. There are other female reporters that don't dress that way and are probably even more attractive than her.

I've never been in an NFL locker room but I can imagine that there's a TON of reckless stuff that goes unreported and that female reporters don't have it easy. But we shouldn't all do female reporters who carry themselves in a classy, mature, and professional way a disservice by feeling too bad or demanding apologies from people for a female reporter that's marketed as the "hottest reporter in Mexico" and comes to NFL practices with painted-on jeans. It's disrespectful to women that have been harassed far worse in their workplaces for no reason whatsoever.

Below you can check out Ines comments on the shytuation....

<a href="" target="_new" title="Reporter reacts to controversy">Video: Reporter reacts to controversy</a>


webratss said...

You're 100% correct and she's making
the right move by down playing this.

The reporter's "could they get any tighter, those jeans?" was perfect!

I never thought about it before but in the context of this story the fact that the Jets' owner's name is Woody Johnson ratchets up my immaturity level way too much. *logs off*

miKeSee said...

LMAO at the Woody comment! Imma leave that one alone lol.