Friday, September 24, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 3

Before I say anything I would like to give a big Newport News shot-out to Ron Cot Damn Mexico (pictured above). The boy came out in Week 2 and did the dayum thing. Even though they gave up a helluva lead in the 4th quarter Mike Vick played pretty daggon well. Props to him and here's wishing that he wins this week as a starter but loses if he's starting against my Skins.

I pretty much sucked it up last week. I only got 8 picks right, talked shyt about my favorite team (Redskins) that they disproved (but still lost, lol), and fell to 7th place in the standings in my pick'em league. But you know what? I'm not worried. This week's picks seem a little "too easy" so I'm expecting a few upsets (when I first looked I only had 2 upsets this week that I thought would happen). Anywho, let's get to pickin'....

San Francisco over KC: I would NOT be surprised if Kansas City shows up for this game (as in, plays well) but San Fran showed a lot against the Saints last week and it seemed like a "coming of age" game for Alex Smith so I'm gonna bet on San Fran's defense (that boy Patrick Willis is a BEAST) and a solid dose of Frank Gore for a San Fran win in a close one.

Vikings over Lions: Minnesota's gotta win at some point. And if they can't beat the Lions then Brett may as well hang em up after Week 3. Seriously.

New England over Buffalo: New England seemed to take that loss against the Jets a little harder than normal (well at least Randy Moss anyway in my opinion) so I'm expecting a blow-out this week. This is gonna be a good week for Randy Moss and Tom Brady fantasy owners.

New Orleans over Atlanta: If this game were in Atlanta I'd probably pick the Falcons. Divisional games are always tough and even though I don't think the Falcons will really do much in the long-run this year, they will be a tough divisional foe for the Saints.

Titans over Giants: Word is that Vince Young is starting so I'm picking the Titans. The Giants are a good team but I think the Titans defense can hold-up against them. Oh yeah, ya'll remember what I said about Brandon Jacobs last week right? That he needed Anger Management. And look what that bama went and did. I may change this pick though b/c I just realized the G-Men are playing at home. Decisions, decisions...

Pittsburgh over Tampa Bay: My brother is a Bucs fan (don't ask me why he grew up in MD and used to be a CowGirls fan and has never liked the Redskins) and he's predicting that the Bucs beat the Steelers. I'm predicting they get trounced like a cheap Mexican prostitute on the "old" Las Vegas Strip.

Cincy over Carolina: Either Chad or T-Ho will have 2 TDs this week, I'm just not sure which one.

Baltimore over Cleveland: Living in the land of Ray Lewis is kind of funny when you're not a Ravens fan. People here worship this dude like a God or demagogue perhaps. It's so bad that when some of the Ravens zealots at my job get sick I say: "I'm sorry to hear you're sick but I bet you'll feel better knowing that Ray Lewis feels great today."

Houston over Dallas: I'm not gonna lie, this is my "I'm still salty about the Redskins losing to them last week" pick. Even though I figure the bumazz CowGirls will probably win this one big and have all the prognosticators back on the "Dallas to the Superbowl" bandwagon, I am going to pick the Texans.

Washington over St. Louis: I was expecting St. Louis to win last week and it'll be just my luck that they beat the Redskins this week. Because you know, we lose games like this. Remember when Dallas went 1-15 years ago? Yeah, they beat us. Remember when the Lions only won 1 game (was that last year or the year before?), yeah they beat us. So this type of game is right up our alley. SMH.

Philly over Jacksonville: Week 2 of the Michael Vick show. I'm still trippin' off how people are calling the Eagles about Kolb and NOT Vick. Andy Reid's made it pretty clear that the long-term guy is gonna be Kolb but I guess since Vick is older and brings a bad reputation (yeah, they still on that) there's no point in trying to get him. I also like how Andy Reid is using Vick's mobility and their weak offensive line as his excuse to start Vick this week when Helen Keller could have listened to the game last week and knew to start Vick over Kolb. Andy Reid is almost in Norv Turner territory now that I think about it. Another "can't get the team over the hump" kinda coach.

Denver over Indy: This is my "lunchin' like shyt" pick this week. I know, I'm lunching. But watch, lol.

Indy over Denver: Just checked the injury report.

Arizona over Oakland: This game wasn't as easy of a pick as I thought it would be. Arizona appears to be rancid this year and Oakland is the perennial shyt-sandwich of the AFC. But I'll go with Arizona just because Oakland is gonna have to win a lot of tough games before I pick them again. Either that or I'll just flip-flop and pick them when I feel like it lol.

San Diego over Seattle: Last week we saw the real Seattle team. That's all I have to say. If they aren't playing at home they're going to pretty much suck. I know what you're saying, they're playing at home this week. Yeah, but they still aren't good enough to beat San Diego.

Jets over Miami: Miami has played two tough games. The Jets have played two tough games. I mentally flipped a coin on this one. I think the Jets have the better defense and if they can put some points up on the board they'll be ok.

Green Bay over Chicago: This game can really go either way. Green Bay's going to throw the ball every down so it's going to come down to how the Bears defense can hold up. The Bears will throw every down too but the Packers have a solid secondary (ie - Charles Woodson) and they can put a lot of pressure on the QB. I can't wait to watch this game because I know it's going to be a shoot-out.

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