Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's just one of those songs....

... that makes me HYPE!

Kanye & 'nem laced this one!

Question, is Charlie Wilson signed to G.O.O.D. Music? I know Pusha T is but I didn't hear anything about Charlie Wilson being signed. Not to mention Charlie's on the "bonus" song I'm including below...

Mos Def obliterated that joint (seriously, go back and listen again). Lupe reminds me a lot of Mos because they stay over your head (pausejustincase). The kid Big Sean on the first track is kinda nice at times too. Now that I think about it, G.O.O.D. Music has a pretty dope line-up:
  • Kanye Tuda (pop-rap)
  • John Legend (R&B)
  • Common (conscious rap)
  • Pusha T (street/coke rap)
  • Big Sean (I'm not quite sure yet but he seems like his nitch will be similar to Kanye's)
  • Kid Cudi (emo rap)
  • Charlie Wilson??? (old-school "crooner")
Not to mention Kanye can enlist pretty much anyone outside of Cuuuuuurtis and Taylor Swift to hop on a track.

These joints and more avaiable on Kanye's blog. Oh yeah, I got one more I'll present without comment...

It's a shame that Kanye is such a polarizing figure because it forces those who choose not to like him to give him less credit for his talent than he probably deserves. He's brought it all on himself through some of his actions but if dude were quiet or just less arrogant and obnoxious at times he'd probably be held in a lot higher esteem across the board.

Musically, Kanye has grown from a sample-driven producer to an all-around artist. He's not a musician in terms of playing an instrument but his creativity and vision for putting together music is something that not very many people have. I don't like everything he does outside of the booth but when it comes to making good (errrr G.O.O.D.) music, he's a beast. I won't go as far as my boy KCW and say he's the "Marvin Gaye of our generation" which is a bit much but he's definitely one of the best hip-hop producers of our generation.

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