Monday, September 13, 2010

How Did I Forget to Post My NFL PIcks for the Week???

Maybe it's because there's been a shytload of stuff on my mind outside of football or because my mother and brother's birthdays were both last week and my parents anniversary is today. It's been somewhat of a whirlwind in more ways than one over the past 2 weeks.

Nevertheless, even after most of the games this week being done, I'm still posting my picks. Of course, these were made prior to any games being played.

New Orleans over Minnesota: The game was in New Orleans, they're coming off a Superbowl win, and old man Favruh has barely been there in the pre-season. Not to mention the Saints are well-coached and won't just fold if the Vikings had come out and scored on two or three straight possessions.

Miami over Buffalo: Trent Edwards is Buffalo's QB which means the other team will ALWAYS have a chance, even in Buffalo in the middle of winter with Santa Claus playing QB... The other team will ALWAYS have a chance to beat Buffalo regardless. You could make every skill player as fast and elusive as CJ Spiller and as long as Trent Edwards is at QB, the other team will ALWAYS have a chance. In a nutshell, Buffalo sucks. They need Marv Levy back.

Chicago over Detroit: I wasn't really gung-ho about the Bears in this game because it's a divisional rivalry and Cutler's good for 2 or 3 INT's at any given moment. BUT, Matthew Stafford and Megatron (see pic above) are not enough to overcome Mike Martz offense with Matt Forte.

Tennessee over Oakland: Jason Campbell might help Oakland get better but they're still *Chris Berman voice* THE RAAAIIIIDAHS!

New England over Cincy: Cincinatti is NOT FOR REAL. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE THIS YEAR! Even though I wanna support him because he's a black coach, Marvin Lewis needs to be gone after this season if Cincy doesn't do really really well.

Giants over Panthers: Eli has enough weapons to put points on the board and unless DeAngelo Williams and Steve Smith score 3 TDs between them, I don't think Carolina has a chance.

Pittsburgh over Atlanta: Atlanta, much like Cincy, IS NOT FOR REAL. Pittsburgh (even with Dennis *I think he is a fruit* Dixon) at QB will play defense well enough to keep the game close and let Jeff Reed kick them to a win.

Tampa Bay over Cleveland: Flip a coin. I think I subconsciously made this pick because my brother is a Bucs fan and his birthday was last week. Outside of that, I have no real reasoning behind this pick.

Jacksonville over Denver: If I'd thought about this one again I may have picked Denver because the 10th wonder of the world slash second coming of the Messiah slash most humble person on earth (Tim Tebow) plays for Denver. But I had confidence in MJD and no confidence in Kyle Orton.

Indianapolis over Houston: If you're into stats in this division you'd know that the Texans have only beaten the Colts like 2 times in the last 16 meetings. The Colts also have Peyton Manning. This pick was a no-brainer for me, even with the game being in Houston.

Arizona over St Louis: It's St. Louis... with a rookie QB.

Green Bay over Philly: I figured this would be a gritty game and a couple big plays would make the difference. I'll take Aaron Rodgers gun-slingin' the Pack to a win.

San Fran over Seattle: This is supposed to be the year San Fran runs the division. Seattle always plays well but manages to suck just enough to not do anything in the post-season. They're an enigma if you ask me.

Washington over Dallas: I'm die-hard Skins fan. There's the explanation you were seeking. Aside from that we play at home. And EVERY EFFING YEAR the media and prognosticators sice Dallas up to be a juggernaut and what happens, EVERY EFFING YEAR... THEY BLOW IT! This year will be no different, starting in Week 1.

Jets over Ravens: I live in Bmore and even though I'm a Skins fan, I have NO PROBLEMS with the Ravens at all. I think they have the talent to win, but I just don't think they'll be able to go to NY and win this one.

San Diego over KC: SD's going to come out strong this year. Ryan Matthews and Phillip Rivers will have big games. I hope my sleeper Rookie of the Year Pick (Dexter McCluster) plays though. This kid is going to be exciting it's just too bad most people will only get to see it on Sportscenter because nobody watches Chiefs games, lol.


M.C. said...

And to think, your Bears pick would have been a bust had it not been for a dumb NFL rule.

Shout out to mother and brother on the birthdays. Fellow Virgos in the house. Okay, so that was corny, but sometimes I'm entitled. :)

miKeSee said...

Virgos are good folks!