Wednesday, September 22, 2010


You know you loved this joint, admit it!

Seriously, half the stuff they said in this song makes no real sense (ie - supercalifragilistic Tic Tac pro) but the shyt sounded slick back then (when I was like 12, lol). I'm willing to bet that Ghostface jacked his style of rapping from Das EFX or was at least heavily influenced by their usage of ridiculous slang and phrases that make no sense. Das is way more basic in terms of rhymes than Ghostface is so I'll give him a little credit in terms of building on their foundation lol.

There are so many classically quotable lines in this song it's pretty hilarious. If you'd like the full text of this lyrical masterpiece, check it out here.

"Yabba-doo hippity-hoo crack a boo!"

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