Friday, October 8, 2010

Barry Sanders, Jr... A Chip Off the 'Ole Block

Just ran across this post about Barry Sanders, Jr and it looks like he's on the path to being potentially great college football player. I won't dare say he's going to be as good as his dad because that remains to be seen but he's definitely miles beyond his high school competition and he'll probably dominate in college as well. Here's a quick highlight reel...

Also, if you clicked on the link above to go to the original blogpost you'll notice that he "...Through his Heritage Hall (Okla.) High School Chargers' 5-0 start, Sanders has rushed for 970 yards and 14 touchdowns. A huge chunk of those stats came in a monstrous performance against Tulsa NOAH on Friday night, when he scored five touchdowns and ran for 313 yards on 13 carries. At one point he scored three touchdowns in the span of only four runs." This sounds pretty crazy but in high school there are sometimes players that are just that dominant so this isn't completely unheard of. But that still shouldn't take away from just how much better he must be than the competition to post those types of numbers.

What I like most from what I read/saw is that he seems like a pretty intelligent and well-spoken kid...

With all that said, even though junior appears to be a beast, it's going to take a lot more to be as good as his dad.

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