Friday, October 29, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 8

Somehow, nobody managed to get a concussion last week. I wonder why? Am I the only person that saw defensive players pulling up so they wouldn't get penalized or am I trippin'?

Miami over Cincinnati: Did I mention how I think Carson Palmer is washed up?

Dallas over Jacksonville: This says less about Dallas and more about how bad the Jags are. Even without Romo the CowGals have enough talent to beat the Jags, right?

Redskins over Detroit: After being the ONLY team the Lions beat a year (or was it two) ago, I think my Skins will take this one. Unless they try to put Carlos Rogers on Megatron. In that case, I think it's a wrap for us.

Chiefs over Bills: Buffalo plays with a lot of heart but I'm starting to become a believer in the Chiefs.

Rams over Panthers: The Panthers stink.

Jets over Packers: After having a week to prepare for the Packers, I think the Jets defense will be dialed in.

Denver over San Fran: They have to rebound from that azz-whoopin' last week, right?

Titans over Chargers: Watch out for the Titans! They're showing that they are a very tough team this year (a la the Steelers) that's well-coached and disciplined. The Chargers on the other hand, are neither of those things.

Oakland over Seattle: No, this is not because they blew out the Broncos last week but because Oakland's defense is statistically pretty good against both the pass and the rush AND Seattle is near the bottom of the league in offensive passing and rushing. They're playing in Oakland after the Raiders had a HUGE win against a divisional foe last week and Seattle's only won a single game on the road this year (against the Bears). I'll go with Oakland on this one. Disclaimer: This pick was originally my "close your eyes and flip a coin who cares" pick, until I started looking at the stats.

New England over Minnesota: As much as people hate Bill Belicheck, he's a GREAT coach. Regardless of whether old man Favruh plays this week I think Minnesota is taking an "L". Favre's injury and the rift between he and Brad Childress isn't a good thing for this team as the season goes along. I think the Vikings may actually be better off starting Tavaris Jackson (more mobile than Favre) and playing run-first, ball control offense. Favre isn't getting it done so maybe it's time to rely on that horse in the backfield.

Tampa over Arizona: As it turns out, THIS GAME is my "close your eyes and flip a coin who cares" pick. I really don't believe Tampa is as good as their record. They're playing in Arizona and the Cardinals should have enough talent to win. This game will probably come down to who can run the ball better. Both teams are in the bottom of the league in rushing defense. I'm gonna go ahead and take my brother's team, Tampa.

Pittsburgh over New Orleans: I'm taking Pittsburgh but I would NOT be surprised if the Saints actually showed up for this game and put up a bunch of points. Pitt's defense is not that good against the pass statistically but they're in the top of the league when it comes to sacks. I think New Orleans has the talent to win ("obbbbbbviouslyyyyyyy") but I think that Pittsburgh is just a better team playing better football right now.

Colts over Houston: Houston's pass defense is HORRID but their rush offense is great! The Colts will figure out a way to minimize the damage Arian Foster's gonna bring and they'll also find a way to get some pressure on Matt Schaub. Offensively, Peyton will put up some points and I'm sure he's been studying the game tape (they're coming off a bye week people) from their early-season loss to Houston like he's about to take the MCAT.

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