Friday, October 15, 2010

NFL Picks - Weeks 5 & 6

Yep, I forgot (again) to post my picks last week. The worst part is that I only got 4 games right, which is pretty pathetic. I'm almost embarrassed to post them now but I'll go ahead and post them (without comments, lol).

Posthumous Week 5 Picks

Jacksonville over Buffalo --> Correct

Cincy over Tampa --> WRONG! Ok, I lied about the comments thing. Is it just me or is
Carson Palmer looking WASHED UP!?!? I have no faith in this dude anymore and I'll give it two more losses or week 8 (whichever comes first) before Chad and T-Hoe start publicly criticizing Carson. Marvin Lewis tried to take the blame for Palmer's 3rd interception but he blew that game for the Bengals.

Atlanta over Cleveland --> Correct.

St. Louis over Detroit --> Wrong. Shaun Hill. That's all.

Kansas City over Indy --> WRONG! My sleeper/upset pick. WOMP!

Green Bay over Washington --> Wrong! To my surprise we won this game. I didn't get to watch it so I'm SURE we tried our best to lose it but from what I understand Laron Landry turned into Sean Taylor this game so I'm kinda happy I was wrong and happy for him. He's playing at a pro bowl level this year. I'm still not convinced we'll be doing shyt in the long-run but we'll see how we fare against Peyton next week and that'll tell me a lot about how I should feel about the rest of the year.

Chicago over Carolina --> Correct. I'd actually picked Carolina initially now that I think about it, lol.

Baltimore over Denver --> Correct. No way Kyle Orton was gonna beat the Ravens at home.

Houston over G-Men --> Wrong. Matt Schaub and Arian Foster disappeared. Someone put out an A.P.B.!

New Orleans over Arizona --> Wrong. If the Saints lose next week to the Bucs I don't know if I can consider them a reliable pick anymore this season, even if it's against a team that stinks. Who played QB for Arizona in this game again? PreXACTLY!

Dallas over Tennessee --> Wrong. I pick Dallas and they lose, what a surprise. At home, after a bye week these bums lose. When are they gonna fire Bum Phillips, Jr? Really! He's done at the end of the season if the team is healthy and they don't make the Superbowl. I'm taking all bets on that one.

San Diego over Oakland --> Wrong. When are they gonna just fire Norv Turner, really. Norv Turner, Wade Phillips, and Andy Reid... My three least favorite and competent coaches on the league. Andy Reid used to get bailed out by Donovan all the time (yes, Philly fans, it's true) and now he better hedge his bets and hope that when Vick gets healthy he'll do the same because it sure looks like Kolb can only manage a game, not control/dominate one.

San Fran over Philly --> Wrong. San Fran gave this game away. It was really pathetic.

Jets over Minnesota --> Haven't played yet (I wrote this part on Monday afternoon). My guess is the Jets will win in a close game but with my luck thus far this week I'm almost sure I'm wrong. Oh well.

Now onto my picks for week 6...

Bears over Seahawks: The Bears are playing pretty well right now, especially defensively. And if Cutler comes back they'll probably put up some serious points. I don't think the Seahawks can keep pace.

Green Bay over Miami: It's in Green Bay. They're in need of a win. If Aaron Rodgers is not playing I will be changing this pick.

San Diego over St. Louis: After the embarrassing loss to Oakland they HAVE TO beat the Rams. Am I the only person that realizes once Shawne Merriman went off the HGH this team has not been the same? Also, am I the only person that KNOWS Norv Turner sucks? Norv was sucking long before Merriman got off the cream and the clear but this defense has NOT been the same since homie stopped shooting up them 'roids. San Diego's problem has always been that they are a finesse team with a coach that has no ability to get them "up" for the big games. Looks like it'll be the same 'ole story this year.

Baltimore over New England: After this game EVERYBODY will have the Ravens in the Super Bowl. With Randy Moss no longer there I don't see any reason why the Ravens will shy away from blitzing the crap out of Tom Brady. And this will be a good test to see if the Pats really do have a running game.

Giants over Detroit: G-Men are playing really well now. If they put pressure on Detroit's QB (Hill or Stafford) it's a wrap. The variables with the Giants are how Eli plays and whether or not they're defense puts pressure on the opposing team's QB. Last week, they have both clicking. We'll see if they can keep it up.

Atlanta over Philly: Philly almost blew the game against San Fran. Atlanta's a better team than San Fran. I have Mike Vick playing in this one even with the sore ribs but I don't think he'll be effective running and may even be timid because of the ribs. If Atlanta's smart they'll sit back in coverage, contain Mike Vick to the extent possible, and see if Vick can dink-and-dunk them enough to score a few times. I don't think he can while he's hurting. The threat of Mike Vick running is a game-changer.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland: Big Ben's back, right? Cleveland stinks, right? You already know what's going to happen. It's a divisional game so the Browns will play well. But I think Big Ben's coming back at the perfect time against the perfect opponent to have the perfect "warm-up" game. 300+ yards and 2 TDs (hopefully to Mike Wallace since he's on one of my fantasy squads).

Tampa Bay over New Orleans: This is my gut pick for the week. I have a feeling that New Orleans may just stink it up this year. They've been playing sub-par (by their standards) and something just seems off. This is a divisional game so I expect Tampa Bay to be competitive. Add-in how the Saints have been playing recently and I think the Bucs may have a little more confidence in being able to compete and win.

Houston over Kansas City: No way Arian Foster and Matt Schaub will pull a disappearing act two weeks in a row, right? Kansas City's a good team and a surprise this year but the surprise has to end at some point. Why not let the end begin this week, lol?

Jets over Broncos: Too much defense. Same thing the Ravens did to the Broncos, the Jets will do.

San Fran over Oakland: This is my "I hope they get one this week" pick. Oakland just beat the Chargers but that was a divisional game. I'm guessing they may just mail it in this week. This is a rivalry of sorts in itself, the "Across the Bay" rivalry. San Fran *should* be a better team, I think.

Minnesota over Dallas: Randy Moss will have a big game. Did you see Dallas's corners against Tennessee? Sheesh! I would not be surprised if Minnesota put up 40 points in this game. Anybody notice that I haven't mentioned Brett Favre's penis at all in the past few weeks even though the media can't "let it go" (HA!)

Washington over Indy: I know, I know. You think I'm crazy hyped off the win over the Packers. Well, I'm not. But I don't think we're going to roll-over for the Colts. If we can stick-it-out and beat the Packers (whose defense is better than the Colts), then why not be able to compete with the Colts? Yeah we'll give up a lot of short and medium passes to Peyton. Yes we will have to get our running game ready to rock-and-roll. And yes, if Mr. Freeney isn't contained we're in for a long day. But I'm gonna go out on a limb and pick us this week. If we can get this one, it'll be a solid home win against a solid team. Donovan's just mobile enough to not get sacked too many times and he can create on the run so I don't think the Freeney factor will be that huge. But if we can't play solid pass defense and run the ball we are short!

Tennessee over Jacksonville: Aside from Mike Vick, the "other black QB" that needs to get some props is who? Well it damn sure isn't David Garrard!!!! And that's why the Titans will win. Aside from the fact that Pinball (Chris Johnson) is about due for a 200-yard game.

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