Friday, October 22, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 7

Man that hit looked horrendous in regular speed and deadly in slow-motion. DeSean had memory loss and everything. But, this hit is a part of football and similar hits will happen again. I agree that helmet-to-helmet hits should be outlawed and suspensions levied, but having played football before I know how hard it is to avoid a helmet-to-helmet collision when you're at full speed out there and playing aggressively.

Moving right along... Shot out to the homie RipRock for posting his picks before mine, lol. I promise I made my picks without looking at yours so I wonder how many we'll have the same.

Atlanta over Cincy: Atlanta's playing at home after taking a horrible loss to Philly last week and I'm not convinced that the Bengals QB is good enough to win them a game if he has to. Atlanta will NOT get blown out like last week and if it's close I don't expect Carson to be able to get his team a win.

Redskins over Chicago: Although we lost last week we played the Colts pretty tough. The Bears aren't as good offensively as the Colts so I think we have a shot. The key is going to be whether or not we can 1) run the ball and 2) stop Julius Peppers from sacking Donovan 4 or 5 (or more) times.

Philadelphia over Tennessee: Philly is playing good football, no matter which QB they have behind center. Tennessee's defense has been playing good football but I think the Eagles might be the team to really expose them. Then again, Andy Reid's at play here and he sometimes finds ways to fock things up. Regardless though, I'm gonna go with Philly in this one.

Kansas City over Jacksonville: I'm starting to think Kansas City might actually be legitimate this year. Jacksonville, not so much.

Pittsburgh over Miami: This is gonna be a close one. May be a true defensive battle for both teams but this is where you will see why Ben is so important to the Steelers. At the end of the game, if he has the ball in his hands with a chance to lead the Steelers to a winning FG or TD, he will do it. It's almost a guarantee.

New Orleans over Cleveland: The Saints aren't playing well, but they aren't bad enough to lose to the Browns are they? I think NOT!

St. Louis over Tampa Bay: St. Louis is playing good football. Tampa has been playing decent also but my gut tells me the Rams are gonna win this one.

49ers over Panthers: The Panthers stink, badly.

Baltimore over Buffalo: Since it didn't happen last week, I guess this game will be the one where after a blow-out win the NFL prognosticators will have the Ravens in the Superbowl.

Seattle over Arizona: I talked a lot of garbage about Seattle in the first few weeks but their win last week convinced me that they may actually be a much better team that I think they are. Arizona's been stinking it up and I don't care if they beat the Saints they still stink.

Denver over Oakland: This one is actually a tricky one because it's a divisional game. The Raiders beat the Chargers (divisional foe) and now they are probably going to play well against the Broncos too. If Denver can avoid turnovers and dumb mistakes I think they'll be ok.

New England over San Diego: This is the type of game the Chargers typically win to make you *think* they're ok and they'll be in the running to make it to the AFC Championship game. Not.This.Year!

Minnesota over Green Bay: I'm not sure why, I just have a feeling. Favre against his old team and Green Bay's defense isn't playing as well as it did last year.

Giants over Cowboys: The Cowboys SUCK! I'm not saying that because I hate them but because every year the Cowboys are a paper champion. As long as Wade Phillips is the coach they will never win a Superbowl. They may very well make it there (not this year though) but they won't win one. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even make the play-offs this year.

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