Thursday, June 2, 2011

NBA Finals Game 2 Prediction

In my original post about this series I predicted that Miami would win the series in 6 games. Well, after game 1 I reconsidered changing the prediction to 5 games, but I won't. Game 1 was a close, slow-paced, but good game. I was joking on Twitter about how the first team to 90 would win (which actually did happy by the way, lol) and after the first quarter I joked that I might need to change that to first team to 80 wins. It really was a pretty slow game and there was solid defense on both sides of the ball. That is until…

LeBron and Dwayne Wade took over.

The 4th quarter of game 1 exemplifies just how difficult it is to stop two GREAT players that really really want to win. Miami kept the game close until the fourth when they just seemed to impose their will on the Mavs just like they'd done with the Celtics and Bulls (more so the Bulls). You can tell these guys have the composure, will, and talent (because composure and will only gets you so far, right) to win these games at the end when the tension is high and so are the stakes.

I think Game 1 was a "feeling-out" game for the most part. Dallas was feeling out Miami and vice-versa. I expect Dirk (torn ligament/tendon/heart and all) to have a better game but the question still remains whether Dallas's shooters can knock down shots and whether Dallas can somehow keep Wade and LeBron from showing up and showing OUT! I'm sure the defensive game plan will change a little in Game 2 for Dallas but does that mean that Bosh goes off this game? He's been playing well lately and he's probably due for at least one big game this series. Or are LeBron and Wade going to continue dominating the 4th quarter and lead Miami to a 2-0 lead? Who knows, I sure don't. But it's gonna be fun to watch!

My pick. Well, I'm going to pick Miami to win game 2 because LeBron still seems focused and Dirk seems a bit dejected in his interviews since game 1. They say a series doesn't start until a team wins on the road so I'm gonna guess that this series won't start till game 4 when I expect the Heat to go up 3 games to 1 on the Mavs. I guess I just gave my game 3 prediction too huh, lol.


I Like My HEiGhT said...

Hopefully it will be a better turn out for Dallas... Dirk and Terry need to get out and show out themselves... neither one of these mobs are my team... but I do want to see JET win one..

Anonymous said...

I agree that Dirk and Terry need to play better. I just don't know if they're talented enough as a team to overcome LeBron and Wade and how they've been playing lately. If the Mavs aren't up by 10-15 entering the 4th, it may be over. LeBron and Wade have shown they can come back from being down in the 4th and win.