Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things I Can't Stand: Hip-Hop Producers Beat-Teasing

I was surfing NahRight earlier and saw a song by Jay Rock that I wanted to check out. Just got around to actually listening to it and realized that the beat was from a Rick Ross joint I'd heard before.

The backstory here is that I have had the Ross version in my normal rotation for about a year now and I always get upset when it comes on because his flow is dope but the song is only about 1 minute long. I think the song was created around the time when Ross and BirdBrain were going to do this so-called, alleged album entitled "H". I was hoping this song in its full length would be on the "H" album. But of course, the "H" album never happened and I've had to settle for the short version of this song that apparently, Ross never finished.

Fast-forward to today and I listen to the Jay Rock version and it's good, the beat still knocks, but I'd prefer to hear a full Ross version. So my complaint here is that J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (creators of the beat) obviously felt comfortable enough with the beat to let Ross drop a verse. What happened after that and why it eventually ended up with Jay Rock I'll probably never know. But it always bothers me when I hear a beat by one artist on some mixtape or website ish and then another artist ends up with the beat. The same thing happened with Young Chris and Meek Mill and the "I'm A Boss" beat that eventually ended up as a Meek track on MMG's Self Made Vol. 1 disc.

I'm not sure what type of label politics or producer/artist B.S. is involved but sometimes I wish they'd just let the beat go to the original spitter. But then again, maybe some of these dudes just don't want to cough up the money to make the beat theirs. Either way, who do you think rocked the beat more?

Rick Ross - Special Situation

Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar - Hood Gone Love It
Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It Ft Kendrick Lamar by TopDawgENT

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