Friday, June 10, 2011

NBA Finals... It's OVER!

I think LeBron's looking for someone to give him some heart.

I know I know, I predicted the Heat to take this series in 6 games. And I know there are two games left in MIami. But the Mavs only have to win one. They won't get the first one more likely than not but they're going to win this series. Dirk's gonna get his ring. Jason Kidd will get his ring, and Jason Terry won't look like a complete idiot for getting the championship trophy tattooed on himself.

This series is over simply because LeBron doesn't have the heart for it.

Unless Wade plays out of his mind for two straight games the Heat will not win this series. All the allegations about Rashard Lewis sleeping with his girl aside, I just don't think LeBron has the moxy or the killer instinct right now. He had in the Boston and Chicago series' but it looks like he's lost it. From a strictly basketball perspective, his jumper is now back to suspect status so he's reluctant to shoot the jumpshot too much and instead be a facilitator (which is made a much easier way for him to go when Wade's hot). But in Game 5 when Wade was out and LeBron was supposed to take over, he didn't. He played pretty much the same seemingly unengaged and uninspired basketball. That led me to believe that he just doesn't have "it". At least not right now.

I'm a big time LeBron fan and I think he a ton of talent and still more potential. He should be out there driving to the hole battering ram style like he normally does if his jumpshot isn't clicking. But he's not. He should know that if Wade is out, he's gotta score. It doesn't seem like he cares all that much. Whether it's on-courrt confidence or off-the-court issues, LeBron just doesn't have it right now and I don't think he will in the next two games. He'll probably play better, but if these games are close and the Heat need him, can they really count on him? I dunno. What I do know is that the Mavs can count on Dirk and if the Mavs can keep these games fast-paced and Barea and Jason Terry hit their open shots, they're going to win one of these last two games for sure.

The Heat are close to pulling it off, but I don't think they have it left in them without a fully functioning LeBron.

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