Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NBA Finals Game 4 Prediction

I missed my prediction for Game 3 because I was too busy. I actually thought the Mavs would take that game but Dirk couldn't pull off the heroics like he did in Game 2. Instead, Dwayne Wade dominated for Miami and Chris Bosh hit his standard 17-footer to ice the game. Dirk had a shot to win it but Haslem's defense was pretty solid and Dirk's shot was just a little off. I don't think anyone in the entire building would have been surprised had Dirk nailed that jumpshot to take the game to OT. But I will say that Haslem's defense at that moment in Game 3 was far better than Bosh's defense at that same moment in Game 2 where he basically let Dirk drive to the basket and get a relatively easy lay-up rather than forcing him to shoot a jump shot. Haslem did have a two-point lead (not a tie ball game) so he had a little more leeway to be aggressive because he could have just put Dirk on the line to tie the game rather than win it (you know Dirk don't miss free throws, lol).

My prediction for Game 4 is the same as what it was from Game 3. I expect the Mavs to win this game. If they don't the series is over in 6 like I mentioned in my original prediction for the series. Jason Terry's dumb azz went and called LeBron out in a not-so-aggressive way so I expect LeBron to have a big game and I also expect Wade to have another solid game.

When you think about the 1 win Dallas has so far it was really a fortunate situation in that the Heat shot horribly in that final quarter and squandered a double-digit lead. Had the Heat shot a solid percentage that game would not have been close and Dirk would not have had the opportunity to hit that game-winner. Game 3 was similar but the Mavs took a lot of the momentum in the 3rd quarter with a huge run. The fourth quarter was pretty tight and Dirk kept them in it. But in the end, the Heat's stellar defense and multiple offensive options kept them in the game... And a little bit of a lucky roll off the rim at the end.

If the Mavs don't win tonight Miami's going to end this thing as soon as they get a chance to play in Miami again. I think the Mavs recognize that and it will show tonight. I expect another close game but I think the Mavs will come out on top this time.


M.C. said...

Good job gymshoe! Well, except for the big game from LeBron. He was off tonight. Whoever takes Game 5 could win the series!

Anonymous said...

LOL at gymshoe.

Fix Your Credit said...

Awesome! It’s like I don’t wanna blink my eyes for this game. It’s really fun watch NBA games, as always.

Save On Anything said...

If the Mavs can keep the score over 100 pts they have a chance. If it comes down to defensive games with 95 points or less they are probably in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I agre that if Dallas can keep the pace up and score up, they can close this series out.