Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prediction for NBA Finals Game 5

As I mentioned in my previous post, the pressure is now on Miami. Last game of a 3-game set in Dallas to tip the series in their favor before returning home. If Miami wins, they're primed to close-out this series at home in the next game. If Dallas wins, ALL THE PRESSURE is on Miami to keep themselves from being eliminated at home.

All the LeBron talk has been talked about too much if you ask me. If the Heat win the series no one will care about game 4. Even if LeBron has several more subpar games and Miami wins the series, NO ONE WILL CARE other than the so-called "experts".

Point blank, if Miami plays well in the 4th quarter, they have won these games. That'll be the difference in Game 5. And now that DeShawn Stevenson and Jason Terry have called LeBron out in consecutive games, I expect a BIG GAME from LeBron. I said that in my prediction for game 4 and I'm saying it again. Expect a LeBrubble (LeBron Triple Double), lol.

And as for that DirkFlu, I don't expect that to be a factor anymore. But I do suspect that the "legend" of Dirk will only grow with each game over the course of this series whether the Mavs win or lose.

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