Friday, January 11, 2013

Mystery Solved: Russell Westbrook

For a while now I've kind of been slightly annoyed by Russell Westbrook. I wasn't really sure why though. Dude is a beast on the court and I love watching him play but something about his attitude (seems like a whiny, spoiled, cry-baby, brat, chump sometimes) or the weird look that is always on his face or that peach fuzz-ish mustache situation he has, .... something. Anyway, I finally figured it out and it makes total sense now. Russell Westbrook annoys me because he's a Dallas CowGirls fan!

A lot of you that aren't fans of the Redskins or another NFC East team might not understand what I am about to say but here it goes anyway. Dallas USED TO BE an awesome team. USED TO. And nowadays a lot of their fame and acclaim comes from having great rosters with nothing to show for it. A great stadium but no new trophies to but in the coffers. A gigantic fan-base of loyal supporters. And that latter group is where the problem lies for me. Much like some of my dimwit Redskins fans, a LOT of Cowboys fans are delusional, uninformed, front-runners. They love their team but a lot of them have no real football knowledge and no true regional or personal allegiance to the Cowboys, they just like or like them because they used to be "America's Team", got tons of publicity and were presented to the America public as "winners". Well that era's over. And I'm willing to bet that the last time the Cowboys were good enough to win more than one game in the playoffs, Russell Westbrook was probably a pre-teen (no, I'm not fact-checking that). I'm not sure how his allegiance to the Cowboys started and I'm sure it's probably a legit reason, but he fits right in with the rest of the CowGirls fans and now I've realized why his disposition and persona have annoyed me, it's like I could sense the delustional, uninformed front-runner in him. Good luck next season just like me and my Redskins Russell, good luck.

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Lance Coleman said...

Not only that, he's a bamma. But go Thunder!