Friday, February 27, 2009

Dawn Richard: I want to, but I just can't!

When I got online this morning I ran across this post of Dawn Richard (of Danity Kane), which is composed of scans (I assume) of her KING Magazine spread. I took a look at the first picture and scrolled down and then I remembered (again) that Dawn is the sister of one of my friends from college. Not only that, I met Dawn several years back and my web design company (part time thing) did the first version of her website, But that's not the point I'm trying to make.

The point is that I'm a bit conflicted.

Conflicted because this is my friend's sister so I don't really want to look at her as just another famous half-naked person. I mean, I want to, but I just can't. I'm sure fellas who've grown up with a male friend whose younger sister was smoking hot can relate to what I'm saying. Beyond that, I met Dawn and I know that she is a very nice person and not what many people will subconsciously think/assume she is based on pictures like these. But at the same time, you make your bed and you have to lay in it too.

I wish Dawn all the success in her career and I'm sure she's working hard to achieve that success but those pictures help reinforce in my mind just how much sex is used to sell us people, products, services, and anything else that can create revenue. I'm sure I could have talked about this a long time ago but it hit a little closer to home this time because it forced me to address my own ethics and values because of the personal connection I have to her brother.


Anonymous said...

I felt conflicted at first too, as merely a fan with no personal connection. I still would prefer that Dawn not show much skin in sexy pics, not because she ain't 100% fiiieeeerrrrce, but because she doesn't need to. Her talent is huge and that plus her hustle plus her faith in God is all she really needs to stand on. However, she seems to have a vision for herself and her future, and that includes taking over the industry. Therefore, a little skin might be helpful. She wants the world to know that she's a contender! She's beautiful, grown'n'sexy, and mega talented. Maybe that's her point. I support it. So... stay up Mike. It'll be alright. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Good points.