Friday, February 27, 2009

Facebook Man Law #1

I've been thinking about some things in general that should not be done on Facebook but today I realized what needs to be my first Man Law for Facebook.

Facebook Man Law #1: No man can accept a friend request from another man that has no shirt on in his profile picture.

For examples of some of the ludicrous and unacceptable stuff I'm talking about take a look below:

And just for posterity, even celebs can't pull this stunt.


And this one is just bonus coverage because Curly has a shirt on but he still looks well, hmmmmnnnnn.

Fellas, I know you think it's attractive and sexy to show off your cuts (or lack thereof in some cases) to the ladies of Facebook. But let's be real this is really some BlackPlanet or Myspace shyt that you're doing. You're screaming for attention and I know that this lame shyt is attractive to some women but on average people are going to assume you're a self-absorbed clown, or perhaps ghey (not that there's anything wrong with that). No guy that was cool with you ten days, weeks, months, or years ago wants to be reintroduced to you by pictures of you looking like you just won a "push-ups in baby oil" contest. Save that for your personal/private collection.

To all of you guys that make your profile pictures one in which you have no shirt on or are otherwise trying waaaaay too hard to draw attention to yourself I would like to give you a stern but polite G-T-F-O-H! Before you try to request friendship with another dude (why does that make me laugh), change your profile picture! Don't worry, you can swap it back out for the ladies right after you're done, douchebag!


Miss N said...


Wow, finally a man law that is equally a woman law. I personally don't accept friend requests from females half-naked, licking inanimate objects or kissing other girls, simply because that's not my scene.

This is funny though...LOL!

A. B. said...

LOL on that note I have a serious Man rule. You cannot add someone as a friend on facebook that ONCE was a dude. And now LOOKS like a chick. That is Man Law 1A I think. What would you do? Man this is awful.

Anonymous said...

Man I hope I never have to have that "problem".