Monday, February 16, 2009

In case you're wondering: How the 50/Ross beef started...

Ironically, it started here when 50 dropped "Funeral Music", a diss toward CamRon. I don't know why 50 felt the need to drop Ross's name in this song and I'd bet that Rick felt the same way and took note but decided not to respond at the time the song dropped.

"...I ain't chubby like Ricky Ross." (around 30 seconds in)

From there, Ross sat back and didn't respond immediately but then decided to throw some barbs 50's way on "We Takin Over" (which is still dope by the way)...

"Please know Fiddy/Fock it I'm too pretty/Better get brain stupid/I'm silly/!" (about 2:15 in)

Then Ross waited eons to go at 2 quarters with a couple bars on Mafia Music.

And of course after all this happened, hilarity ensued with 50 hiring flying Ross's baby momma (one of them) up to NYC and taking her on a shopping spree and interviewing her. 50 also dropped 3 (and counting) Officer Ricky videos that are hilarious and started dropping these ridonkulously funny Pimpin' Curly videos. And Banks lyrically disabled Ross with a diss track but all the while Ross hasn't waived the white flag at all. I'm not shocked because I don't think Ross cares what people think about where he stands in the beef anyway. But I think that his foolish pride might just help him come out of the beef better than Cam or Ja who seemed to involuntarily have to accept that they lost and bow out. I don't think the Boss is gonna go out like that though, LOL.

Ross isn't going to win the war but I'm predicting he won't come out of this like Ja or Cam. I'll still buy a Ross album before I buy a 50 album for sure. Trilla was definitely better than CURTIS and don't act like it wasn't, LOL.

And in case you're keeping track there have been no literal shots fired (yet) so thank God for that.

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