Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things I did for the first time while in NYC last week...

New York...Good.Ole.New.York! Let's get to the post though...

Took the train to get there...Riding the train to NYC > Driving, especially if you're staying in Manhattan.

Went to Club Macanudo...Puff, puff, pass.

Went to a taping of the Letterman show... "You know it's fashion week and the Westminister dog show this week. You know what that means right? There's b*tches running up and down NYC" -- David Letterman. He must have done the same thing I did before the show, LOL.

Tweeted about the conference I was attending while attending the conference sessions. She gon' let me tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet!

Had a watermelon martini with a watermelon ball in it...Ciroc and pineapple > fruit-infused martini.

Went to Dave and Busters in Times Square...Yeah I can do that at home, so what!

Sent a fax from a hotel fax machine...Best decision I made all week. Faxed my timecard for my part-time gig and hit the jackpot.

Had a bomb conference lunch overlooking Times Square...One of the reasons why NYC > just about any other city.

Went to Brother Jimmy's for rib tips and beer...Brother Jimmy's for rib tips > Famous Dave's

Had Irish Whiskey...Scotch is on deck.

Did not take a single picture with my real camera, only the camera on my cellphone...Boo to me, I know.

Until the next trip...

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