Monday, February 23, 2009

Miscellaneous Randomness

It's been a minute since I've did one of these posts. Enjoy!

Rihanna still wants Chris Breezy? GTFOH!

This isn't the first time I've heard that she still allegedly wants to be with this dude even though he put the REAL BIG HAND on her. If it is true that she wants him back after all this it leads me to believe that: 1) Chris may have gave her that azz-whooping while trying to protect himself from her, and/or 2) Ri-Ri really was sliding off on Chris and got herpes and brought it back to the lil homie. Common sense says that the story linked-to above most likely isn't true but who knows what's really true in this situation. But I bet you one thing, there's a lot more to it than what the media's been putting out.

Marlon Jackson (yes, that Marlon Jackson) building a slavery theme park in Nigeria

Negro please!

Ladies, stand UP! Literally.

Go Girl!

Basketball game turns into a riot



j.a.c. said...

Aaaahhhhhh! LOL! I can't imagine using that thing. Illllll. And what happens when you're done peeing? You wash it out and put it back in your purse? GROSS!

Nubian said...

Maybe I am just ignorant, but when I pulled up the "Go Girl" article, the first thing I saw was that pic of RuPaul, so I immediately thought it was more of a device for a "shim" type of girl, not a biologically born girl such as myself. Women don't pee standing up, (unless they're in the shower), I digress.

As far as that slavery theme park...WTF!!!What type of recidious bullISH is that?

Anonymous said...

That slavery theme park idea is almost as bad as Damon Wayans trying to trademark the word "ni99er".