Thursday, February 19, 2009

My fridge doesn't even have half of this stuff in it

This is classic. Should I feel inadequate because my fridge STAYS empty, I don't have any video games (other than the original playstation system I NEVER play), and I have like 3 bottled waters a whole bunch of condiments and left-over spaghetti in my fridge? ... Neeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh! Or maybe I just want you to think that I don't really care. I'm not sure yet, LOL.


A. B. said...

LMAO HoodNiggas/Fake Celebs have Costco memberships too. LMAO! This dude is a clown. All I needed was property and personality.

Nubian said...

I can't believe you posted this vid. This dude is a friend of mine on YouTube, and he is silly as all get out. WOW!

But as an aside, that is not stocked. He looks like a bartender with all of those damn drinks. This is how your fridge should look if you want to attract Hoodrats! Real talk.

Anonymous said...

AB: All you really need is a personality. We both know that, LOL.

Nubian: "Silly as all get out" You might as well have said "Gee Wally". Welcome to 1979! LOL @ the hoodrats line though.