Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 Posts in 29 Days

Shot out to Lance for pointing out to me that I could make 29 posts this month and (obviously) in the leap year that is 2012. This post makes it 29 posts in 29 days and I didn't even do a post a day. Sure you don't care, but Happy Leap Day anyway, lol.


Lance Coleman said...

that 28th post was diesel, but a great post! I think I'll pass my most for a month in March, thats my goal. Which is 11, so it shouldn't be too difficult. 2010 I had 27 posts, last year 37, this year I'm at 19. I'm getting better. Plus now that I'm using google reader, I noticed that there's a way to share an article directly from reader.

Anonymous said...

Google Reader is what I use as well. I used to use Bloglines but the reader got me hooked, lol.