Monday, February 13, 2012

Skeeball League: Week 5

We won both games. I ate the hottest wings ever in the existence of water and man... Did I mention we won both games???? We now have a record of 7-2 and I'm assuming we'll be somewhere in the top 5 of all the teams. There's one team that's still undefeated so my personal goal now is to beat them, lol.

Those wings were the hottest wings I have ever touched in my life, let alone eaten. My co-worker ate three and looked like he was about to melt while going into anaphylactic shock. My dumb azz decided I had to try one just because of how he was suffering (I recognize fully that what I just said was completely illogical) and ended up having my mouth on fire for about a half hour, smh.

Check out some pics below of the skeeball machines and some shots from one of our games.

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