Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sports Round-Up

NFL Draft

  • The Irsays Colts should take RGIII but they're gonna take Luck.
  • The/My Redskins should trade up to get RGIII at the second pick or stick with the 6th pick, take Morris Claiborne, and try to get Matt Flynn. I do not under any circumstances think that the Redskins should take Ryan Tanneyhill. I'm also not pumped about the Redskins taking Peyton Manning for a 2-year project that'll only end with one, maybe two playoff appearances, and no titles.
  • Apparently there's some 346-pound guy that ran a 40-yard dash somewhere right below or above 5 seconds. Message to all mother's... Do not let your sons play quarterback. Encourage him to do something more lucrative and less painful, like becoming a baseball pitcher/player.
  • Based on what I've seen on Sportscenter, RGIII had to have had a top-10 40-yard time out of everyone at the combine. And he's a quarterback. That's kind of awesome like the time when Mike Vick ran a 4.33 at the combine like he was chasing down some dogs (I can totally say that now by the way).
NBA Finals Prediction

This is going to sound super lame but barring injury the Heat will be in the Finals. In the West, I'm not sure OKC is a lock because Westbrook has a prima donna in him that comes out at the wrong times (see last years playoffs for an example). Dallas and San Antonio will not go quietly I'm sure and the Lakers and Clippers will also be in the mix as well. The sleeper out west is Memphis but I think they're the Atlanta Falcons of the NBA so I can't pick them. With all that said, I'm going to root for (and pick) a Dallas/Heat rematch, especially if the Mavs somehow land Deron Williams.


First, Danica Patrick was out there driving all weekend like she has a Virginia license. Crash after crash after crash, sheesh. Second, Juan Pablo Montoya almost blew himself up accidentally crashing into the Jet Dryer car (this could really have been a lot worse but it was still pretty bad). Third, in 54 years of having the Daytona 500 this is the FIRST time it's been rescheduled because of rain? Let me get this right... In 54 years an outdoor event in Florida had NEVER been rescheduled due to rain. I'd call that a miracle before the race even began. Last, why in the hell is the most popular race of the year the first race of the season? Wouldn't Nascar be better served by having more minority driveers making the Daytona 500 the final race of the "chase"? I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this and there has to be a better reason, I just don't know what that reason is. Someone please enlighten me.


Ryan Braun should shut up and just play baseball. You failed the test bro but some technicality in the way the sample was handled got you over. Wipe your forehead, say "whewww", and move on and play ball. Now you're going to cause even more of a shytstorm by speaking out as if you were persecuted by MLB. You were persecuted by ESPN and other sports media outlets if anyone. You know, the same outlets that aired you're rebuttal speech when your suspension was revoked. Play ball and let your play do the talking. We'll see this year if your numbers drop like Brady Anderson's after he got off the juice. That'll really tell the story.


Tiger ain't got it no more. Plain-and-simple. I don't care about the Navy SEAL stuff (his dad was in the military so it makes sense for him to have an interest as well) and I don't care about all the different swing coaches and the new caddy. Tiger just doesn't have that fire anymore. Jack Nicklaus's record is safe [white people].


Lance Coleman said...

GREAT POST! Tell Wilbon he got some competition! LOL.
But yeah, about the Skins. And I got an eerie feeling that Luck is going to have some bust factor to him, not a Leaf or JaMarcus bust, maybe not even Alex Smith bust, but I don't think he's going to be instant gratification like Cam. But I tend to think that way with too much hype surrounding someone. I'll draft RG3 in Fantasy Football before Luck.

Baseball is MONEY! Get paid for a long time and you can get out of shape as time goes on and just be a DH. Football is dangerous and now that they don't give them that big contract when they get signed, its all about that second deal and endorsements. Which I think it should be, but it just makes it tougher for people to get that quick money. You gotta stay healthy until you get that second deal or you will be selling insurance somewhere.

The Heat could do it this year. Although I'd rather see the other Red and Black team there (Da Bulls) and from the West I'd love to see OKC or the Clippers.

I don't pay attention to that Non Athletic Sport Created Around Rednecks too often, but I was also shocked to hear that this outdoor event hadn't been rescheduled ever before. I feel like it rains like twice a week in Florida, maybe not all day, but it rains. But it would be smart to have the final race be the season ender. But then again I didn't even know they had a season I thought they just had races in different places throughout the year.

Ryan should just be quiet and play, he got a free pass, enjoy it.

Tiger, sad to say his era is over. Sucks the way it ended, but hopefully the torch will be passed to kids growing up during his run.

Anonymous said...

Wilbon is my boy, lol. He doesn't have anything to worry about though, that's for sure.

I'm not sold on Luck but I can see why lots of NFL people are. He's the prototypical QB in a lot of ways or at least it seems.

Let's be clear in that football players get GOOD MONEY off the break, just not as good as it used to be. I mean you throw me $3 million a year for 4 years and I'm cool with that, lol. Honestly, these dudes should be able to retire off that after their first contract if they were smarter with their money.

The Bulls are one scoring option away from being in the Finals. Rip can't do it. Too old, his head weighs too much so I'm sure he got neck problems. The Bulls need Monta Ellis.

I think OKC's youth is going to hurt them in the playoffs. They're 1 year a way in my eye but they could get there (Finals) this year if they are focused.

My grandfather and stepfather got me into Indy racing and Nascar when I was a kid so I pay attention. Not a fan necessarily but I definitely keep up with it.