Friday, February 10, 2012

Clusterf*ck Alert: A White Guy, In Black Face, Asking White People Questions About Black People

Shyt like this bothers me, I can't help it.
Dude in Blackface: Would you feel more comfortable dating a black guy who acts like a white guy, or a white guy who acts like a black guy?

Girl: Oh my gosh, definitely a black guy that acts like a white guy.


Dude: A black guy that acts like a white guy???

Girl: Classy yeah, good stuff.
If you can't read between the lines on that one, shame on you lol. Based on the above I'm gonna assume this is the hierarchy of classiness in this case:
  1. White guy that acts white (the "prince").
  2. Any other race outside of Middle Eastern that acts white (he isn't white but he's probably a smidge more classy than a black guy").
  3. Black guy that acts white (at least he's trying).
  4. Black guy that acts like whatever "they" think a black guy acts like (at least they "know" what to expect).
  5. White guy that acts black (this is probably like being a complete traitor).
Check out the full video for yourself below:

Someone needs walk around Howard or FAMU's campus and ask Black women the question: "Would you rather date a black guy that acts like a white guy or a white guy that acts like a black guy?" The world might explode off that one, lol. I can already see the expressions of angst and utter confusion on women's faces as they adamantly respond "Neither". BUT, I'd be willing to bet that the majority of Black women if forced to choose between the two, would still roll with the black guy that acts like a white guy.

By no means am I saying that the ignorance displayed in the video above is how every white person (or student at BYU) thinks and I'm sure that this was edited in a way that makes it seem much more provocative and ignorant than it probably was. But I also think that people don't realize just how much their subconscious thoughts come into play in situations like this. The fact that a black guy acting like a white guy is deemed "classy" says quite a bit. It was a little upsetting because "acting white" is apparently deemed classy by default whereas "acting black" is something you can infer/assume is innately lower than "acting white".

Sidebar: What does "acting white" or "acting black" really mean anyway? In the context of this video I think we can infer what it means but isn't it time we started thinking outside the constraints, assumptions, and prejudices of what we believe a black or white person acts like because of their racial/ethnic make-up?

Moving right along, it's subconscious thoughts like the seemingly innate perspective that whiteness equals classiness (or whatever else) that people probably don't realize is engrained in their minds and affects their view of people who are in fact, just people.

What bothered me even more than that part was the Black guys in the video. Talking about how much game you have isn't helping the situation. And not being educated enough about your own culture to show some doof in Blackface that you're not ignorant about your own culture's history is probably more of a crime than a white person thinking that they're classier than everyone else by default. There's a lot of things in that video that made me shake my head or that I question or that rubbed me the wrong way.

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