Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Latest Pair: Flyer than the rest of 'em, still got my Nike boots

Nike Woodside II Snow Boot. I bought these right before New Year's Eve. I wanted a new pair of boots that were not the same ole' Timberlands or Nike boots. These are waterproof and stylish and that's exactly what I was shooting for. Unlike this pair shown below, mine have red shoe strings (because red is the best color of all the times). Not the typical Nike boots I think of that dudes wore when I was growing up but still fresh.


M.C. said...

I have to admit, those are HOT! And, you won't see everybody rocking those either.

M.Carroll said...

Thanks. I try to buy shoes (most times) that other people don't have, especially with casual shoes. Dress shoes are another story because some brands/styles are just classic and you gotta have 'em.