Monday, January 14, 2013

NFL Conference Championship Weekend: All Bets Are Off in the AFC

After the performance the Ravens put on in Denver to pull out that win there is no way I can dismiss them from moving forward to the Superbowl. The Ravens showed a lot of heart, resolve, grit, determination, et. al. I can't help but think that the notion of Ray Lewis retiring at the season's end really is subconsciously or consciously driving and inspiring these guys, not to mention Ray's leadership during the game.

With all that said, I'm gonna pick the Ravens to beat the Patriots 31-27 next Sunday.

As for the other game to be played on Sunday, I don't think Atlanta is tough enough to beat the 49ers. Talented enough, for sure. But do they have the heart to pull off a win against a very tough team and also stop another dual-threat QB 2 weeks in a row? And Kaepernick is probably more of a "problem" than Russell Wilson. If the Falcons pull off this win I'll take back most of the negative stuff I've said about them. But until then, I'm gonna go with the 49ers.

So yeah, get ready for the HarBOWL!


Lance Coleman said...

To go with what you said about ATL -> Can they win yes. The 49ers haven't won more than 2 in a row all year. Not sure why, but if that patter continues then we lose. Also if they are too excited about that great win to focus on a team that has the potential to beat them, then the Niners will look confused. On paper the Niners should win and will be waiting for the other brother to take out the Patriots twice in one year to meet in New Orleans. The Ravens have the tougher task of the two.

M.Carroll said...

Ravens definitely have it tougher and I think the Niners probably went into that GB game with the confidence of knowing they should win it. I think they'll go into this game the same way.