Thursday, January 10, 2013

NFL, KG, and a swagged out tux from Lionel Messi

NFL Divisional Round Predictions 

Seattle over Atlanta: People, please stop trying to convince yourselves that the Falcons are any better than they were last year. If this game comes down to a clutch moment do you trust Matt Ryan? If this game comes down to a clutch moment do you feel comfortable saying Russell Wilson won't step up? The answer to those questions should push you toward Seattle.

Green Bay over SF: Sorry Lance but your boys are going down. Unless the Niners can hold Green Bay under 20 points, this game is an easy one. If SF holds then under 20 points, they have a shot and will likely win.

Denver over Baltimore: It was a nice win for Ray Lewis last week at home and a chance for him to go out with a home win. But going to Denver to play Peyton is another thing. This is not Andrew Luck and the Colts who actually stuck around in that game and were competitive last week. Denver came into Baltimore this season and ripped the Ravens a new one, especially Eric Decker. I expect this game to be closer but still expect a Broncos win.

New England over Houston: Put Houston in the same box as Atlanta. Lots of talent, good coaches, but I just don't think they have "it". And "it" is what gets you to a superbowl.


If you read this blog by now you probably already know that I think RG3 is THAT DUDE. What happened to him sucks and he should have been pulled earlier in the game but it is what it is. The real issue that only a few people have addressed thoroughly is how the Redskins (my team) were stupid enough to keep the field that messy knowing that their franchise player had a knee issue and would run the ball several times during that game. I'm not saying I blame Daniel Snyder for the injury but at the same time, they should have thought about the potential ramifications to their already injured player.

Kevin Garnett

KG's a Hall of Famer. KG's been a great player and is now a solid player at the tail end of his career but from a lot of different things I've heard about him, the guy is an a-hole when he's on the basketball court with some of the stuff he says to other players. When I heard that Melo came out to approach him after the game my first thought was: "This bama KG either owes Melo some serious money or he said something about Melo's wife, Lala". Apparently, KG told Melo at some point during the game that his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios. Which is pretty weird even though I like Honey Nut Cheerios. But it's also ridiculously disrespectful. So when Carmelo said KG said something "you don't say to another man", I figured it was something like that. I actually give Carmelo credit for maintaining his composure during the game and saving his "conversation" for afterward. The only 3 things that will drive an otherwise sensible grown ass man to have that reaction is his family (wifey included) or money. Melo's not gonna go ballistic about KG talking trash about basketball but KG crossed a line. But then again, KG is the same guy who allegedly told Tim Duncan Happy Mother's Day when Duncan's mom had recently died. An a-hole, right?!?!

Miscellaneous: AJ McCarron's Girl and Lionel Messi's Tuxedo

First off, AJ McCarron's girl is pretty for sure and that's pretty much undeniable. But when a girl tweets to you that she hopes you know what you're getting into after you two make it "official" (tweet it, so I know it's real, LMFAO), that's a semi-red flag in my book no matter how "hot" she is. That's stage 3 clinger shyt off the break. So yeah she's hot, but does AJ really know what he *might* be getting into?

Lionel Messi had on a polka-dotted tuxedo jacket and bowtie to the FIFA awards. Apparently the world's most prolific striker is also into fashion. I personally thought the tux was a good look. What do you think?

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