Monday, January 28, 2013

Trent Williams was serious when got that silverback gorilla chain I see

A long time ago I read an article about Trent Williams getting some ridiculous gorilla chain made that reportedly is work up to $150,000 (check out that article here and the picture below).

The article starts with the following quote by Trent:
"'I'm always saying how I want to be a beast on the field and Silverback is a beast, so they just kind of gave me the nickname,' Trent Williams said after he was picked by the Redskins and introduced as Trent “Silverback” Williams by Roger Goodell."
And if he hadn't already "earned" the name somehow, he definitely earned it this past Thursday morning in Hawaii where he was there for the Pro Bowl (played this past Sunday) and he got into a brawl at a club somehow.

His role in the brawl appears to be victim but it's being reported that this dude was tasered and cracked over the head with a bottle... READ THAT AGAIN


And it required 7 stitches to close his head up but he "would not go down."

Let's be clear here, Trent is 6 foot 5 inches and has to be at least 300 pounds so short of a couple of strong men together, most people are not just going to be able to get him to the ground with a punch or by sheer strength if he's defending himself. But after being tased you'd think he would go down out of pain. And after being hit over the head with a bottle (I'm assuming something bigger than a beer bottle) you'd think he would go down. But apparently he somehow withstood all this. That is completely insane, completely!

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